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I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind." From the Canadian Bill of Rights, July 1, 1960I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind." From the Canadian Bill of Rights, July 1, 1960

NATO Auditor Who Discovered US Funds ISIS Found Dead

Police make two arrests related to Rock Machine murder

Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart's new reality series

Heartwarming Amazon add defines a Free Republic

Russia moves nuclear missiles closer to Europe

Castro is dead: Viva la Francois Hollande

Real IRA member shot and killed in Cork

George Christie's Exile on Front Street

Surf's up: The New Season has Begun

Trudeau rejects Northern Gateway

Christy Clark's densification fraud

Ziggy Matheson found guilty

God Damn the Pusher Man

The US Debt to China Fraud

The November Man

Shunning Extremism

Donald Trump and Free Trade

Remembrance Day: Lest we forget

Macklemore speaks out on Addiction

The End of the Bush Clinton Fraud Era

2016 US Election Results and California Chronic 

Hillary Trump Drama and the Rise of Free Speech

Rick Levesque and the Tribal MC in Fort McMurray

Josh Petrin found guilty in shooting of Lorry Santos

Kelowna Hells Angels in possession of stolen property

BC Law Society rebuked for violating Charter of Rights

Targeted Homicide in Langley - Bob Green's Eulogy

CSIS caught breaking the law again

Rise in Opioid addiction in the US

Dusty Swanson sentenced to 15 years

Verdict coming in Greece murder trial

Police seize 73 kilos of cocaine in Toronto

Vancouver City Hall endorses China's holocaust

Canadians busted in Utah with 107 kilos of crystal meth

Surrey's New Police Chief is a breath of fresh air

Hells Angels leader shot dead in Germany

Edward Snowden movie hits the theatre

Freeway Ricky: Crack in the System

New York Cop Corruption in the /80's

Hilary Clinton's Qatar connection to ISIS

WikiLeaks: Hillary Clinton sold weapons to ISIS

Susan Lindauer and the War on Whistleblowers

George Christie's new book has been released

Ontario Nomads shut down after shootings

The Last American Outlaw

Snowden hits the theatre

A Good Way Out

Spike in traffic from China

Cannabis Miracle, Pot Fraud

BC's' Fentanyl Crisis - the Faces of Fentanyl

$45 million found on former Hells Angels compound

Investigation extended into Victoria Chief of Police

Hells Angels associate gunned down in Quebec

The AFT's Predisposition for Corruption

Stephen Harper at the Bohemian Grove

Remembering 911 and Air India

Guilty Plea in the Guthrie McKay and Lisa Dudley Murder

Cross Border Policing is still a Bad Idea

Battle of the Bands in Germany

Creep Catchers catch a cop

K-9 out on Parole

Living off the avails: Pimping

Racists of Odin march in Edmonton

Nine fentanyl overdoses in 20 minutes

Trudeau dances around organ harvesting

The Bleeding Edge - New Vancouver made movie

BC Redd Alert leader shot in East Vancouver

Law Enforcement and George Christie

Sonny Barger and George Christie

Biker conflict in Fort Mac rekindles

Sonny Barger rejoins Oakland chapter

Exclusive Interview with George Christie

Exile on Front Street: My life as a Hells Angel and Beyond

Researcher astonished by level of drug violence in DTES

President of Ontario Nomads shot in Granby

World wide protest to set Wang Zhiwen free

Cyrus the Great and the Persian Promise

Another social experiment - I've seen too much hate

Philippines President: Shoot to kill drug dealers

Kelowna News - Shootings and Machete attack

16 year old drug OD in Starbucks washroom

Woman knocks out groper in elevator

Rob Ford crack video released

Fentanyl addiction in Calgary

Organ Harvesting in China is big business

Liu Xiaobo and Edward Snowden

Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton the founder of ISIS

Entrapment argument succeeds in Surrey pressure Cooker fraud

The Crown makes an unethical ex parte application

Bill Tieleman speaks out on Nuttall Entrapment

Catherine Bruce Achieves Sainthood

The Return of Jason Bourne

Cocaine laced with fentanyl at Shakerz results in fatality

Illegal pop up lethal injection site opens in Surrey

Man stabbed at Vancouver's "safe" injection site

43 drug overdoses in Whalley over the weekend

Accidental shooting at Surrey injection site

Surrey braces for more fentanyl overdoses

Joe Siega is out in bad standing

Surrey Hells Angels make the news

Ruben “Doc" Cavazos out in bad standing

Falun Gong rally at the Vancouver Art Gallery

Toronto Cop sentenced to six years for attempted murder

Update on the Hells Angels Criminal Organization Status

Surrey Entrapment Fraud exposes Elephant in the Room

Every time a police task force found organized crime,

a government body disbanded that police task force.

Finian Commission's Spotlight on Communist China

Supporting the Falun Gong Protest on Canada Day

Surrey Syrian Refugee Update - Salam Alaikum

Fathers in the hood

Fire sweeps legal grow op in Langley

Britain Breaks Free from the European Union

Update on the Hells Angels Criminal Organization Status

Steven Seagal thinks a lot of mass shootings are engineered

Hillary Clinton and Operation Fast and Furious


State of the Union Part One: The CIA's control of the media

Part Two: Requiem for the American Dream with Noam Chomsky

Edmonton Hells Angels busted for possession of stolen property 

Couple charged with lacing pills with fentanyl in West Kelowna

More Shootings in Toronto - Hells Angels associate killed

David Giles' coaccused sentenced

Eulogy: Finian's Ghetto Gospel


Bob Marley and the Lions of Zion. Zionism isn't evicting woman and children onto the street. Zionism is the quest for a better society where people work together for the common good like Neve Shalom / Wahat al Salam.

Liberals planning to buy Super Hornets

Press Gallery Dinner's 150th Royal Roast

Why Avoid Unnecessary Debt?


Judy Tabchy's sweetheart deal for writing Christy Clark's biography

Health Canada approves prescription heroin and GMO Salmon

Kamloops RCMP officer charged with selling cocaine

Ip Man 2 Update: Mike Tyson in Ip Man 3

Steven Skinner arrested in Venezuela

Prince died from a fentanyl overdose

One year plus a day for murder


Tent city plagued by violence

Canada Arms China's nuclear Sub

Canadian Ambassador insults Ireland

Mayors Counsel want more money to spend

VPD Officer shoots knife wielding suspect in the leg


Blaze will appear in Supreme Court for a pre-trial conference

Royal Mail profits plunge after Moya Greene takes helm

Trial underway into massive Langford drug bust

Cheap imitations and fake ass wannabees

Public sale of drugs in Surrey - Updated

Clay Roueche's new book and web site

Fraser MacRae was a Rock Star


Former spokesman for B.C. RCMP charged with sex assault

Snoop Dog speaks out on Vancouver's Harm Promotion

Jim Brown finally leaves the RCMP - Oh Happy Day

Hamilton cop alleges betrayal by his force

Ontario Hells Angel shot in Quebec


Postal Banking in Canada could balance the budget

BC Hydro borrows more money to pay dividend

Surrey Syrian Refugee Update - Salam Alaikum

CIA left explosives in Virginia school bus

Erik Prince of Darkness has Returned

Rising above hate and intolerance

ISIS Official Web Site still Missing

Russia, North Korea and China

9/11 Smoke and Mirrors


Narcos and Barry Seal - Allen Dulles and JFK

American Odyssey and Cover Affairs

Air America - Crack in the System 

Lindsay Buziak memorial walk

Outlaw murder in Saskatoon

Another shooting outside Williams Lake

Police seize $1.4 million from the Alkhalils

Overview of the John Nuttall Entrapment case


Legal Opinion in Entrapment Case Released

CSIS was involved with Nuttall Entrapment Case

El Chapo arrested again - Body found in West Kelowna

John Nuttall's entrapment case back in court

Bacchus in Ontario - Don't Blaze and Drive

Mexican Mayor Killed - Kelowna drug bust

In 1986 a Montreal Hells Angel involved with cocaine trafficking in BC admitted to planting a bomb outside Tara Singh Hayer's office in Surrey. Hayer was going to testify in the Air India trial. A local terrorist organization involved with the Air India attack hired Hells Angels associates to plant the bomb.

2016: Looking Ahead - A Beautiful Day

Hiking, Snowshoeing and Kayaking around Vancouver


The Struggle between Good and Evil

Season's Greetings


Remembering Brandy Sarionder

Remembering Janice Shore

The Kelowna Hells Angels

THC vs CBD - Fact vs Fiction

Spotlight on the BC Hydro Fraud

Canadian intelligence caught backing ISIS


Every time a police task force found organized crime, a government body disbanded that police task force. 1) The RCMP issued a report showing how bad money laundering was in BC casinos. Instead of dealing with the problem, Rich Coleman and the BC Liberals did away with the RCMP's Integrated Illegal Gaming Enforcement Team.

2) Operation Phoenix was a Regional Task Force's investigation that targeted Hal Porteous and the BC Hells Angels. The RCMP scuttled that operation and prevented it from going to trial. Then disbanded the task force responsible for the investigation. Allen Dalstrom received a $2 million out of court settlement to keep his mouth shut.

3) 2 1/2 tons of cocaine bound for the BC Hells Angels were seized in the Western Wind bust. Richard Barszczewski from the RCMP scuttled that operation and prevented any Hells Angels from being charged.

4) Pat Fogarty issued a ridiculous head up his ass public rant about how the Hells Angels aren't a problem in Kelowna any more it's the other guys we have to worry about. Then the Gang Task Force and the OMGU proved him wrong in every possible way. So what do they do? They get rid of the OMGU and cut back the Gang Task Force putting another political puppet in charge saying everything is OK.

5) Wally Opal shut down the missing women inquiry as soon as the Hells Angels were mentioned and turned it into a panel discussion where he could more easily ban key evidence claiming the mandate of the inquiry was not to find other suspects even though Robert Pickton was convicted based on the fact that he was not the only or main suspect just an active participant.

6) The Port Police were disbanded in 1997 right when the Hells Angles took over the docks in Canada. Are we beginning to see a pattern yet?