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Christmas Shootings in Surrey - Paul "Sasquatch" Porter Arrested

Raynald Desjardins, and those with links to the Hells Angels, charged with the murder of Salvatore Montagna

BC Biker Meth Labs Raided - Rage and Denial - Joey Verma VP

Antonio Pietrantonio (Tony Suzuki) shot in Montreal

Edmonton's 45th homicide - A New York Minute

B.C. Conservatives 'cannibalizing' Liberals

Gold, Frankincense and Pepper spray

Agent K's Christmas Message 2011

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Gangsters Out Blog

Public Gang Registry

Unsolved Murders

The Aging Rebel

Valerie Capone

David Baines' Column

Vancouver Beat Cop

Prime Time Crime

Mike on Crime

Gangsters Inc

Stop Gangsters


TJ's Gift

Gang Awareness

Homeless Champions

Human Trafficking Help

Chip Tatum

The Christmas Epiphany 2011

The Hells Angels extortion, betrayal and take over of the Rizzutos

2004 Saskatoon killing tied to the Hells Angels

Drug Violence in Prince George

Kelowna's Cocaine Christmas

blowdeer2.JPG (8906 bytes)

Salvatore Montagna murder

Nicola Varacalli arrested

Grow Op in 100 Mile House

NDAA the End of the Republic

The Human side of James Riach

Another gang related Winnipeg Shooting

Drive by in Delta - Police withhold information

Another suspicious gun related death in Edmonton

US Senate declares the entire USA to be a ”battleground”

In a stunning move that has civil libertarians stuttering with disbelief, the U.S. Senate has just passed a bill that effectively ends the Bill of Rights in America.

This is what people take up arms to oppose

Will the real Communist please sit down

Stephen Harper's cross border treason

Armed U.S. police officers will for the first time be allowed to operate in Canada along with the RCMP as part of far-reaching changes in Canadian-American border operations to be unveiled next week by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President Barack Obama.

Hells Angel drug bust in Montreal and New Brunswick

Bonanno crime family mobster murdered in Montreal

Vancouver Mayors support Pot and the Black Door

Largest cocaine bust in Grande Prairie history

Explosive testimony at Pickton Inquiry

Pot activist dies on hunger strike

Kingpin Crew's new Clubhouse

piheanfruitstand.JPG (13768 bytes)

Occupy Vancouver Relocates then disbands

Yet Insider Trading in Congress still goes on

Police pepper-spray 84-year-old woman in Seattle

Newt Gingrich reportedly received $1.8 million in consulting fees from Freddie Mac before it was bailed out by taxpayers

Harper muzzles the Mounties

Rock Machine Down Under

Basi's impared charge held over

Veterans fight against disability clawbacks

Homicide record in Winnipeg as well as Edmonton

From Flanders Fields in France to Opium Fields in Afghanistan

Canada's spy watchdog in over his head

Vancouver's 2011 Civic Election

The Friendly Faces of Occupy Vancouver

McKay shames Kandahar on Remembrance Day

Vancouver City Hall bought the Drake Hotel from the Hells Angels

They gave them $2 million more than it was worth

Former Hells Angels skipper caught with 400 kilos of cocaine

More RCMP Sexual Harassment Allegations

Two more Vancouver gang shootings

Provinces have to pay Harper's Bill

Taxation without Representation

2010_robin_hood.JPG (35631 bytes)

Men who threaten and beat women are not to be admired or respected

Even Bill Vander Zalm opposes the not so Smart Meters

We're hearing a lot in the news about the Greek Financial crisis but we aren't hearing a word about the Investment Fraud that cause it and covered it up. Why is that?

Paxton Torture Trial Bombshells

Operation Phoenix Revisited

phoenix__150795.jpg (3844 bytes)

VPD rescue gang related kidnap victim

Hells Angel shooting in Ottawa Shopping Mall

The Cocaine Connection to the Bassi Virk Case

Greek Financial crisis is due to Investment fraud

BC Hydro is becoming a new Enron

Air Farce remembers Jack Layton

Canadians have to make choices - Jack

Love letter to a Nation - Jack Layton's Farewell

Vernon cocaine bust tied to Edmonton Hells Angels

Off duty Police frequented Piggy's Palace

Surrey shooting tied to the Hells Angels

Canada's Most Unwanted

comingsoon2.JPG (15192 bytes)

Bacon parents profited from crime

Another man gunned down in Edmonton

Rented Cadillac leads to Vernon drug bust

Dianne Watts invites George Bush to Surrey

Hells Angels funeral shooting suspect identified

Hells Angel Pleads Guilty to Murder of Cynthia Garcia

EDMONT.JPG (43922 bytes)

2 dead after SUV riddled with bullets - Police not sure if it's a homicide

Police will no longer probe police in BC

Wally Oppal's bill keeps growing

Cocaine in Vernon

Robert Shannon in Prison

Body dumped in Squamish ID'd

Court backlog stalls more prosecutions

Murder suspect is son of former police chief

NZ Hells Angel associate convicted of Torture and Rape

The Cocaine Connection to the Bassi Virk Case

basi2.JPG (42683 bytes)

Victoria and Calgary Cocaine

Veterans MC in Ladysmith

Dillon Sahota and Jarrod Nicol

More Hells Angel Drug Arrests in Ottawa

Hells Angels San Diego Crystal Meth Charges

Dustin Paxton Trial - Gay Slurs and Mr. Sulu

Surrey Welcomes the Blue Corvette

gay_pride_flag.jpg (14244 bytes)

I've heard of a pink Cadillac, but the Hells Angels in Surrey have sure given new meaning to the term a blue corvette. Turning the Dell into a gay bar was a stroke of genius. We're finally going to clean up that trailer trash dive after all. We need to get a picture of Randy Jones along with Little Aaron and the chipmunks performing the YMCA there. Getting a picture of Randy in his cowboy hat would be priceless.

148 Bikers in a Belgium Theatre

Crack-smoking cop wants job back

Edmonton Police and the Hells Angels

DJ Qualls claims he was assaulted by VPD

Hells Angels leader dead in Nevada shootout

Barbara George and the RCMP Pension Fraud

Ontario Hells Angels Criminal Overview

Police issue Gang Warning

What Surrey Wants...

Harper bungled the Crime bills

Another gang related shooting in Surrey

Kelowna Corner: Timeline of Gang violence in Kelowna

The Aftermath of the Surrey Six Murder

The Hells Angels and Organized Crime

The Hells Angels control of the Ports

UN and HA selling Date Rape Drug

Freewheelers MC in Manitoba

Ron Paul: What if? - We were conned

Obama worked for the CIA - Infowars

What ever happened to the drug and organized crime allegations with Basi-Virk?

The Hells Angels control of the Stripper Agencies in BC

Nomads and investment fraud: LA Embroidery

The Hells Angels and Prostitution - Update

Report your local Crack Dealer

So don't delay, act now, time is running out
And if you follow, there may be a tomorrow
But if the offer is shun you might as well be walkin' on the sun

US Hells Angel associate never grew up

losers.JPG (9889 bytes)

9/11 Ten Years later- More questions than answers

The third tower did not collapse into it's own blueprint at freefall speed due to heat and fire. That is not scientific.

Jarrod Bacon opts for trial by judge

La JJ's Massage Parlor in Maple Ridge

ss.JPG (6967 bytes)

The Obsession with the Hells Angels monopoly

halidiot2.JPG (26799 bytes)

Hal Baby Face Heffner is an Idiot

The Pickton Red Herring Inquiry

Catherine Austin Fitts: What about Mena, Arkansas?

Haney Hells Angels Clubhouse - Gang Unit at Pitt Lake

Hells Agnels booth at New Wetminster Festival - under review

Operation Fast and furious - Pat Fogarty: Which side is he on?

Rob Sidhu implicated in the USWho will push the big red button?

Court told Dave Pickton knew about bodies, Hells Angels ran a grow op

The New York Model - 30 Strikes you're out - Shut it down

Kelowna Corner: Timeline of Gang violence in Kelowna

The Aftermath of the Surrey Six Murder

nicoleandleah2.JPG (10783 bytes)

Kelowna Shooting victim paralyzed

Robert Shannon's boat - Jonathon and Larry's boat

Triple shooting in Winnipeg - Hells Angels and Forrest Schab

Breaking News: Jonathon Bacon is dead

Larry Amero was with him and hit in the Kelowna shooting

The Dark Agency - Blackwater for Sale - US Mayor and Police Chief arms trafficking

London Calling - Looting and Lawlessness - London Balistic Report

Macleans on Harper's warrantless online surveillance state

The Hells Angels and Organized Crime

Grisly details in Vernon Greeks trial

Tito Ortiz and the Hells Angels

TitoOrtizhellsangels.JPG (28503 bytes)

Surrey House of Horrors murder released from prison

$2 million stolen from social housing in East Van

The Pickton Red Herring Inquiry

The New York Model did not hand out crack pipes

Stop the insanity - Vancouver hands out free crack pipes

harperwarcrimebanner2.JPG (19038 bytes)

Hells Angel Censorship - another thread bites the dust

Censor this: Rutland exploitation - An injustice to humanity

Two Kelowna Hells Angels and a Throttle Locker charged in a senseless murder

East Vancouver Hells Angels new Cannabis coffee shop beside the Black Door

4th Annual Ed Schellenberg/Chris Mohan Memorial Golf Tournament

  mikehabibness5.JPG (3532 bytes) rj5.JPG (3962 bytes) egghead5.JPG (3907 bytes)

Hells Angel murder trial delayed  -  Lindsay Buziak's murder

Hells Angels support gear found at Kelowna grow op

Trevor Jones implicated in cross border drug ring

11 Kg of Calgary Cocaine tied to the Hells Angels

Major Kelowna Meth lab tied the the Hells Angels

ontarioidiotsb.JPG (41085 bytes)

Ontario Hells Angels: The Village Idiots

Hells Angel charged in third murder

Darksiders in Dartmouth

LHS in Winnipeg

Winnipeg under Fire

Firebombing in Winnipeg

7 Liberal myths about the HST

Rock Machine Remix in Winnipeg

Joey Verma And Donnie McWhirter

vermablaze.JPG (15053 bytes)

The Vernon Greeks worked for the Hells Angels

Leo Gallant's softball team - Photos of the Jones Brothers

Robert Thomas Fugitive on the Run - Has now turned himself in

Hookers and Blow - Bandidios in the Drug war - Wrong MC OMG

The Bush Clinton Crime Connection - Opium production spike in Afghanistan

A Salute to Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz Vietnam vet

bogritz.JPG (15445 bytes)

Mob rule is fleeting but a sense of community is forever

The Stanley Cup Loss - Lawless Losers Riot - Identify the Rioters

Fine Them - Volunteer to help clean up - RCMP & Sheriff Cut Backs

White Collar Murders, Suspicious Suicides and Fired Whistle Blowers

Pictures from the White Rock Hells Angels Clubhouse - Jabba's Palace

Second woman alleges sex assault at Renegades clubhouse

Trevor Jones implicated in cross border drug ring

Hells Angels drug bust tied to Surrey Strip club

Catherine Austin Fitts on the Tapeworm Economy

The Dark Side of Insite and the Dark Side of the Black Door

Surrey House of Horrors - Prince George Torture Chambers

John Punko and Juel Stanton - The Habibs and the Liquid Zoo

pgchair2.JPG (12163 bytes)

The Texas Bank Robbery

Rise in OD's from Bad Heroin

A Salute to the French Revolutio

The Assassination of Osama bin Laden

Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice - Loose Change 9/11

Neal Hall's new book about the East Van Hells Angels

Publication Ban on the Renegades Clubhouse Gang Rape

Sam and Mike Habib both charged in $3.4 million Oxycontin fraud

East Vancouver Hells Angels documentary on History Television

Tony Terezakis - Roberto Ciancio - Vancouver Christmas 1995

The Lennoxville Massacre - The Death Riders Betrayal

Sam Habib is Back in Court - David Giles DUI

Brittany Irving's murder one year later

The Conservatives would bungle crime bills

Pull the Vote - Harper web site - Balancing the Extremes

The Secret Affair hits the big screen - Kickback Mountain

Harper Government has intervened on behalf of Brian Mulroney

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has taken the unusual step of intervening in a sideshow spat in the ABCP drama, applying direct pressure on Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce to settle up with Barrick Gold Corp. Brian Mulroney is Chairman of Barrick’s International Advisory Board and was a director when it was connected to Bre-X.

Brian Mulroney lied in court and stole $2 million from Canadian taxpayers

We want our money back! Mulroney should be in jail and face criminal charges for perjury

Gang rape at Renegades clubhouse - Harper's conflicted Jets

Kingpin Crew still creeping - Redd Alert in Kamloops

poppycock1.JPG (19001 bytes)

Let's get the real gangsters out of parliament

Harper Government fires Whistle Blowers

It's not Harper's Government

The Harper Government tried to bribe Chuck Cadman with an insurance fraud scam

Harper government appointed Hells Angel lawyer to Quebec Supreme Court

Jack Layton visits Surrey [Clip1 [Clip2] [Full] The Gangster Next Door

The Harper Government - Found in Contempt - The Oil Wars have Begun

Hiway Choppers owned by John Bryce of the East Vancouver Hells Angels

Former president of Niagara sentenced for trafficking cocaine

Abandon Grow Op found outside Salmon Arm

Grow Ops VS Crack Shacks and Meth Labs

More charged in Hells Angels drug ring

Boycott the Black Door

theblackdoor2.JPG (10982 bytes)

Crime Stoppers not accepting Tips on the Hells Angels? WTF?

Team Giles Vs Team Bryce - Team Giles does the Creep

Free Vancouver 420 - Stop HAs

Applying Civil Forfeiture

Stephen Harper Screwed BC

Police officer gets absolute discharge

Hells Angel charged with another murder

Paul Merle Eischeid captured in Argentina

Salvatore Ciancio was tied to Tony Terezakis

The City of Vancouver paid the Hells Angels $2 million

John Bryce, David Giles, a ship load of cocaine and Oakland California

Shots fired in South Langley - Now that's what I'm talking about

Prison OD was from the governement's methadone

Drug related violence and torture in East Vancouver

GTS Home invasion in Prince George

The Vancouver Internal Gang War 2011

Big John vs the Drooling Vibrator

A guy who rides nitros motorcycles versus a guy who rides nitrous dildos

First Juel Stanton. Is John Punko slated for termination next?

Nostradamus predicts what happens next and why

Did Robert Pickton act alone?

4693.JPG (6190 bytes)

A Civilian Agency

Another Kash Heed Scandal

Police seize suspicious bling in PG

FBI makes big mob bust cackers get jacked

Mexican police blow the whistle on other officers

Canadian tourist accuses Mexican police of raping her

Another Leask Decision overturned - Now That's what I'm talking about.

NDP MP Nathan Cullen has introduced a private members bill to create an independent civilian oversight agency for the RCMP. The bill has not yet been debated in Parliament. The Civilian Oversight Act (Bill C-472) Amend the bill to cov er all police agencies in BC not just the RCMP.

apd1.JPG (26299 bytes)

Kelowna Police Brutality Rally

The Kelowna Cyst Wars have begun

Arcangel - Por Amar A Ciegas


Nova Scotia Government offers Reward for

info about Rustie and Ellen's Murder

rustyellen.JPG (8835 bytes)

Unsolved Murders Page

Let's find that bitch of a wolf

And let's nail that bitch of a pinhead

devobitch.JPG (18511 bytes)

Carrol 2000 kinda looks like DEVO

Tribute to Geoff Meisner and Brittany Irving

Update on the Randy Mersereau murder

MauriceMom_Boucher_2.jpg (18323 bytes)

themissinglink.jpg (4253 bytes)

Murdering Mothers, Grandmothers and Children

Eric Sandberg was not an independent drug dealer

The Christmas Epiphany Part One - Where are we going?

The Christmas Epiphany Part Two - Betrayal

Christmas in Vancouver 1995

December Traditions

gabrial2.JPG (15257 bytes)

Hells Angel charged with another murder

CBC reports that Lynds says he lured Mersereau to the home and claims he shot Mersereau five times with a hand gun provided by the Hells Angels who ordered the hit. My question is, if the Hells Angels ordered the hit, how can the Hells Angels not be charged as an organization for the murder?

More Gang Shootins in Vancouver - 10 people hit

bnr2.JPG (30830 bytes)

Another Kelwona Hells Angel charged with Break and Enter

Kelwona Hells Angels arrested with guns and cell phone jammer

Geoff Meisner got caught up with the Hells Angels and the Kingpin Crew

Let's hear it for the New York Model - Vancouver abandons the Four Pillars

More Gang Related Violence in Prince George

Seven more plead guilty to drug trafficking for the Hells Angels

Anthony Terezakis and the Hells Angels conrtol of drugs in East Vancouver

15th Anniversary of the murder of two Vancouver Heroes

Uyeyama2.JPG (12345 bytes)

Dawson Creek Drug Bust

Hells Angel Marvin Ouimet arrested

The Guardian Project: 604 215 - 4777

Cranbrook murder tied to Hells Angels associate

Gordon Campbell steps down - The Bill Vander Valm Coalition

California rejects legalization of Marijuana

Hells Angels sue Alexander McQueen

James Coulter speaks at PG Gang Summit

Spotlight on David Giles - Davie Giles is off his rocker

Big Tony Terezakis hits the cinema - Wipes away his tears

americanhotel2.JPG (32099 bytes)

Roberto Salvatore Ciancio and the Hells Angels

ashleynicole1b.JPG (30871 bytes)

More shootings as the Vancouver gang war heats up again

Three bikers in Naniamo terrorize female paralympian

More Hells Angels speeding recklessly

Kelowna 100 kg of Cocaine Seized

East Vancouver Harm Reduction

Operation Fawlty Towers

Carnegie Drugmart

Homes not drugs

First United Storage

East Van Town Hall Meeting

Prince George holds gang summit

275 Kg of Cocaine seized in Vancouver

Another Haney Hells Angel dies a sudden death

DTES activist knows of six women thrown out windows over drug debts

Advocates claim Women pushed out of window for a drug debt

ashleynicole2b.JPG (31443 bytes)

Hells Angels motorcycles impounded for speeding

Father speaks out about speeding and reckless driving

Pants on the ground Destorm remix - The Detective Goren Lean

Lean Back, pull your pants up and throw the rock away

The Notwithstanding Clause of the Charter of Rights

corafb.JPG (23822 bytes)

When the government becomes PIMP

Ontario court strikes down anti prostitution laws

Game Tight Soldiers tied to the Hells Angels

The Surrey Six - Is our conscience fading?

General Larry Platt - Looking like a fool with your pants on the ground

Jimmy Fallon does Pants on the ground - An Internet sensation

Ed Schellenberg / Chris Mohan Memorial Golf Tournament

September 24, 2010 at Hazelmere Golf Course

bob-marley2.JPG (17589 bytes)

No Bravery  -  No Woman No Cry  -  Redemtion Song

Brittany Irving found dead - Geoff Meisner Remembered

Juel Stanton executed - The Circle of Violence

candle.gif (88317 bytes)

Sean Wolfe gets 9 years

Leask Decision Overruled

Kelowna Hells Angel B & E + Theft

Cali Hells Angels caught stealing pot

Hells Angels and Torture for Drug Debts

kerryrenaud.jpg (5551 bytes)

Anti Gang Legislation

Remembering Chris Mohan

Brittany Irving did not deserve to die

Colin Fraser visits Surrey with the Stanley Cup - Video

Surrey Mayor Polishes City's image - This is where we live

scd.JPG (38812 bytes)

"It's an embarrassment," says Helene Brunet, who was waiting tables in a diner last year when a Hells Angels biker used her as a human shield in a machine-gun battle that left her clinging to life over a plate of pancakes.

Hells Angel Davie Carrol still on the lam Wanted by INTERPOL

Joey Verma arrested for the murder of Brittney Irving

Hells Angel support gear found at Kelowna Grow Op

bachusslove.jpg (49393 bytes)

Woman's dead body found outside Tbarz

Surrey neighbours stand by their 'hood'

Crown reviews Qinn acquittal

More shootings in Surrey

Profiting from the sale of crack and crystal meth is bad

tlw2.JPG (9309 bytes) tlw1.JPG (9883 bytes)

A Surrey Murderer is set free - Calls for a Judicail Review

Surrey's Rally Against Injustice - Photos from the Rally

quin 037c.JPG (54083 bytes)

Body pulled from Okanagan Lake in Kelowna

Hells Angel charged with double murder

Bloc wants HA's deemed criminal org

kmpweapons.jpg (15440 bytes)

Weapons and drugs seized in Kamloops

Missing Kelowna girl Britteny Irving found Dead

Ex Mountie admits to trafficking guns for the Hells Angels

Police claim drugs were involed in Meisner's dissapearence

Tories appoint Hells Angels lawyer to Quebec Supreme Court

Hells Angels criminal organization status upheld by Supreme Court of Canada

Eric Sandberg spoke of plans to wipe out all the competition in Surrey

Hells Angel Associate caught on video cutting crack cocaine

Hells Angels - Independent Soldiers - Kingpin Crew

1271198816age.jpg (22675 bytes)

Kelowna Woman missing - Is Joey with the Independent Soldiers?

If the Independent Soldiers are a Hells Angels Puppet club, where is Britteny?

Georges St-Pierre's training partner David "The Crow" Loiseau has been denied a license to fight by the Quebec Athletic Commission due to his alleged "mob ties."

Speaking of MMA, Geoff Meisner from Kelowna is still missing

A Salute to the Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba Hells Angels

Peter Leask, Ryan Renaud and John Punko

johnpunko.jpg (6202 bytes)

Another immigration judge bites the dust

Another "Gangster" cries in court

Check out Wolfie's Brow Job

seanwolfe.JPG (13185 bytes)

Which 1% is Sean Wolfe anyways?

deliwolfe2.JPG (16241 bytes)

B5 ain't afraid of the big bad wolfe

delisandwhich.jpg (19756 bytes)

Juel Stanton MIG East Van HAs

Rage Against the Big Red Machine

Mixed Martial Arts with Hells Angels

Salvatore Cazzetta and the Hells Angels

Hells Angels at the Junos with Russel Peters

Media asks: Did Robert Pickton have accomplices?

Were the Hells Angels Robert Picton's accomplices?

Will there be a public inquiry for all the missing women?

VPD back one - Libby Davies renews the call - What's the hold up?

Kerry Ryan Renaud and the East Vancouver House of Horrors

Say No to Hells Angels' Crack

Yo bro, that is one new moon that we did not want to see

Needle exchanges and safe injection sites: Insight on Insite

Vancouver has become a hub for International Human Trafficking

webbcrack.JPG (11301 bytes)

Surrey Spotlight:




Shadow Club

Puppet Clubs

No Bravery



The Road to Hell

Hell to Pay


Dark Alliance

The Conspirators

The Angels (Fiction)

Hunter Thompson

A Wayward Angel

Fallen Angel

rthb.jpg (19287 bytes)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Big House Crew just got a little bit bigger

Montreal Shooting may be tied to Vito

Hells Angels Not Confronted

Peter Leask's Broken Record

Peter Leask is part of the problem

Finally- a Judge Gardner decision is overturned

Hope on the Horizon: A Leask Decision gets overturned

Another ton of cocaine seized, no criminal organization charged

Bill C-25 ends two for one credit for new cases

lisafrancis.JPG (28942 bytes)

Punko and Potsie deal Drugs

Alcantara got 14 years in Alberta

Spotlight on Hells Angels Viagra chapter

Hells Angels lose criminal organization appeal

If the Hells Angels control the drug trade in Niagara with associates and if they will kill anyone who sells cocaine there without their permission, what about in B.C.?

Father with drug debt shot and killed in Prince George

Who runs the drug trade in Prince George I wonder

Hells Angels used the Ziz Zag crew to sell drugs

Canadians slain in Mexico linked to Hells Angels

East Van Hells Angels plead guilty to cocaine trafficking and conspiring to produce meth

John Punko and Randy Potts Indictment - look at all the names working for them

Hells Angel David Carroll wanted on Canada wide Warrant

Marvin Ouimet wanted on Canada wide warrant

Fighting to serve the Hells Angels

High profile defense attorney Peter Leask was appointed to the Supreme Court on November 23 2005. It was the last act of the Federal Liberals before their government fell to a non confidence vote November 28 2005. Recall him!

2009 Vancouver Gang War

happy-new-year-2009.jpg (228102 bytes)

Gang Violence hits home

[Times] [BBC] [MaCleans] [Map]

Bacon Brothers reunited in Prison

VPD back missing women public inquiry

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Eve in Sarajevo

A Wayward Angel by George Wethern Former Vice-President of the Oakland Chapter

"The Oakland Angels began issuing new charters and assisting chapters set up their own drug operations. The additions were designed to contribute to our image and business concerns, by providing a drug route link, manufacturing a drug, supplying chemicals, or distributing drugs in an untapped area."

"One morning at 6 o'clock, I was speeding on 'crystals' when I saw a window light in Sonny's place which was patrolled by a pair of Dobermans behind a chain link fence. Inside, I found Sonny and Mexican Ed, a reputed member of the Galloping Gooses motorcycle club in San Diego and main supplier of the Berdoo Angels, cutting and packaging a salad bowl full of smack."

"As we chatted and snorted coke (Sonny's favorite drug), I helped them fill balloons. Sonny's dealers in the club arrived at evenly spaced intervals to pick up their loads - usually an once or two - then they made their dumps. Sonny was smart; he wasted no time in getting those drugs out of his house."    

Former El Segundo Air Force Clerk Admits Drug Conspiracy

George Christie Ventura President gets 3 years probation

I left my wallet in El Segundo A Tribe Called Quest

Hells Angels Defendant gets 3 years probation

Info Wars: Barry Seal and Mena, Arkansa

Macleans spotlights Italian Mafia in Montreal

Hells Angels connected to the Mob in Toronto

UN Leader gets 30 years, Hells Angels leader gets 0

Look who's laughing now

ronlising2b.JPG (4735 bytes)

Hells Angel David Carroll wanted on Canada wide Warrant

Surrey Good Samaritan stabbed in downtown Vancouver

Peter Leask should be hanged for treason

lt4.JPG (10615 bytes)

This is why we need a mechanism in place to recall BAD judges

It is the constitutional crisis Steve Brown talked about

38924-bigthumbnail.jpg (13751 bytes)

You can pay me now or you can pay me later

Another piece of bacon gets fried

johnsonfrogb.JPG (17278 bytes) friedbaconb.JPG (13091 bytes)

More dead bodies dumped in Surrey

Top Ontario Hells Angels get 20 years in prison

According to financial records seized from the Hells Angels, Stadnick and Stockford earned more than $11 million in profits from cocaine and hashish.

Another suspect arrested in Surrey Six murders

Hells Angel associate caught with Red Scorpion gear

Hells Angels MC London 666 England dumb dumb dumb

Province of BC wins court battle over Hells Angels clubhouse

Ontario busts reveal Hells Angels' grip on national drug trade

mellastmanhellsangel2.JPG (23540 bytes)

Hells Angels took over the Death Riders after their president was shot

Surrey meth cook cooked meth for the Hells Angels

Boat seized with 2 1/2 tons of Hells Angels cocaine

Canadians slain in Mexico linked to Hells Angels

Rainbow Ricky denies the puppet clubs are connected to the Hells Angels but documents found by police in 2006 when White Rock chapter sergeant-at-arms Villy Roy Lynnerup was arrested with a gun at Vancouver International Airport tell a different story. The Hells Angels papers made reference to two new puppet clubs: the Outcasts, linked to the Vancouver chapter, and the Jesters out of the White Rock club. There was even a copy of the Jesters' clown-face patch, which was just painted on the front of its new Surrey clubhouse on an industrial property in north Surrey.

psp411_com-mods-377-1.jpg (19500 bytes)


rage-against-the-machine.jpg (28935 bytes)

Police bust Hells Angels puppet club

Bob Green and the number of the beast

Marvin Ouimet - Dude put your shirt back on

ouimet-3-150.jpg (26774 bytes) ouimet-4-150.jpg (25337 bytes)

Quebec arrests alleged Hells Angels using legitimate businesses for money-laundering

Media reports that the Hells Angels have been using the construction industry in Montreal to launder profits from drug trafficking by muscling their way in as subcontractors on large projects.

Burton Rice and Montreal Magazine tied to the Hells Angels

Hells Angels connected to the Mob in Toronto

Hells Angels Shadow Club returns to Surrey

mafiareport.JPG (17835 bytes)

Alfonso Gagliano and the Mob

Mafia Execution caught on Video in Italy

 Macleans spotlights Italian Mafia in Montreal

Whistleblowers say mafia is fixing Montreal construction bids

Montreal’s mayor is scared for the well being of his family

Calls for a public inquiry into ties between politicians,

construction companies, and organized crime

rizzuto.jpg (30189 bytes)

Another human foot washes up on B.C. shore

Six more charges likely for Picton

The New York Model

nycmodel.JPG (13383 bytes)

An Olive Branch for the UN

thebaconfamily.JPG (10492 bytes)

Miss Piggy made her little pigs wear body armor

Three Cheers for Anton Hooites-Meursing

He's not from Compton, he's from Long Beach but he is connected. That's why we call him ATM in Surrey. Someone claims he wore a wire and got Jamie Bacon on tape confessing to the Surrey Six murders. If that is true then give that man a medal or at least buy him a beer for me. If that's not true why are they setting him up? Sounds like not only are they afraid of him but they want him killed so he can't testify.

Get this. We don't like the three little piggies in Surrey. Why do you think they moved to Abbottsford after they got shot up in Surrey? And get this, we don't like the people who did the Surrey Six Murder here. They killed innocent people for no reason. That is fucked up. They're the rats and anyone who rats them out is a hero.

Alright ATM let's bring it home G. Let's put all three little piggies in the Big House Crew. Word. I don't think ATM was the one who set up JB. Spread the word, protect the QB and sack that fat ass G.

Free Speech ruling: Linking is not Defamation

White Rock Hells Angels now on Google Street View

Jesters Clubhouse on Google Street View too

Amy should have gone to rehab

The Worst little whore house in Surrey

New Hells Angels puppet club in Surrey: The Jesters

You have got to be kidding. That's what happens when you sell all that crack. Some of your own guys start smoking it.

Gangster hat sold online (make up sold separately)

jester.jpg (56374 bytes)

Where's the beef? All we're left with is the

smell of bad bacon from Miss Piggy and the Prime Pig

badbacon2.JPG (42333 bytes)

Crooked in Canada

B.C. Judges on Crack

Bad Bacon's wrongful death suit

It's my Charter Right

to have Police Search

known Gang members

without notice. It's

called Public Safety.

A criminal's freedom is limited by the need for

public safety and the protection of other people's rights

Liberal Senate and Larry da Vinci Campbell Screw B.C.

cc.JPG (55867 bytes)

Closed Circuit Television vs Google Street View

East Van does not look after it's own

mainst2b.JPG (36441 bytes)

Pimp my Ride? Your Ride has been seized

Machine gun found in the Fraser River

vancouverspecial2.JPG (11926 bytes)

The MAC-11 machine pistol, equipped with a silencer, was used in several gang-related shootings in the Vancouver area, Vancouver police said Thursday.

East Van Hells Angel John Punko charged with traficking

cocaine and conspiring to produce methamphetamine

Michael Ignatieff has a problem

approval5.JPG (18326 bytes)

Senate stalls on 2 for one credit bill

Another shooting outside T Barz in Surrey

randyatjunos.jpg (62965 bytes)

Russle Peters said: "I go to T-Barz. It's a strip bar in Surrey. My buddy owns it. It's a great place to enjoy the Nude World Order." Which buddy could that be? I thought Randy's mother owned it.

Stephen Harper said he gets high with a little help from his friends

Will Michael Ignatieff Please Shut up

Do they support Bill C15 with an amendment on pot?

Roosters and Climax should lose their liquor license for not practicing bar watch

No one should be admitted wearing gang colours

No Bravery in B.C.

wyclefjean.jpg (35351 bytes)

The Vancouver Gang War continues

There's been too many local shootings to keep tack of. Enough is enough. Time to rat out the real rats and arrest the puppet masters instead of the puppets. Call Crimestoppers at:

1 800 222-8474 (TIPS)

Bob and Doug McKenize gunned down

Two B.C. UN members gunned down in Calgary

What would John Punko or Ron Lising have to say?

Another two B.C. men killed in Mexico were involved in drug trade

Once again they were known to the police but not known to the public. They couldn't say what they did for a living but Jeffrey Ronald Ivans pleaded guilty in Kamloops on Dec. 13, 2002, to one charge of trafficking. He was fined $1,000. Kamloops? I wonder if he knew Matt the Rat Schrader like the last two B.C. men who were gunned down over drugs in Mexico did. $1,000.00 fine for trafficking? Can we see the root of the problem yet? A parking ticket for trafficking. That is insane. We are enablers for drug violence.

Golf tournament honours victims; raises scholarship funds

Ed Schellenburg / Chris Mohan Memorial Golf Tournament Registration

Strip Club Frequented by Hells Angels Linked to Maple Ridge Murder

Napolian Dynamite joins K Town IS

How B.C. became a world crime superpower

Long term Crystal Meth cook in Surrey cooking for the Hells Angels

Casualties of war: "The puppet master is not less blameworthy than the puppet."

Another Hells Angel puppet found dead - this one's from the Crew

Selling crack for the Hells Angels - dumped in the Fraser River

joshhed2.JPG (16432 bytes)

Two more glitter stars linked to the HA's die in Mexico

Robert Shannon got 20 years for 81 cocaine:

halrob.jpg (23348 bytes)

Fishing for Cocaine with the Hells Angels

Seizure of 2 1/2 tons of cocaine linked the Hells Angels

UK Navy seize boat with 5 1/2 tons of Columbia cocaine

Seizure of 61.5 kilos of cocaine from Mexico linked to Hells Angels

Another cocaine border bust - I wonder who they were bringing it in for?

lr1b.JPG (28916 bytes)

If the Independent Soldiers shoot people and if the Independent Soldiers are friends with the Hells Angels then how can the Hells Angels not be directly involved in the gang violence? Look at that dead head on the hand. Is that Larry Amero again? He seems to have his finger in all the pies. Here's Larry with Randy Naicker who was arrested with Jamie Bacon and Dennis Karbovanec.  They are the ones implicated in the Surrey Six murders. Things that make ya go hmmmm...

Judicial Reform: Murder Unpunished

What price a life?  Sasan Ansari stabbed Joshua Goos over thirty times and killed him. Four years for murder less two for one credit. "To give someone five years for taking a life means you have no awareness of the gravity of the offence." Cezanne Goos - sister of the victim.

Ignatieff's sour grapes. He claims Harper has new love for socialists

Fall election in Canada - Do they support Bill C15 with an amendment on pot?

Layton makes conciliatory noises amid looming Parliamentary showdown

Throw out the stereotypes. "The New Democrats hold 36 seats in the 308-seat House, more than enough to keep Prime Minister Stephen Harper's minority Conservative government alive through the autumn if they can find common cause on an issue such as Employment Insurance reform." Think about it. If Harper takes an amendment on bill C-15 we can avoid another unnecessary early election and get the job done for the people. Imagine that. The Liberals created the judicial vacuum we now suffer from. If Harper teams up with the NDP we can fix it. And stop calling them Socialists. I support public health care and I am not a socialist.

Hells Angels connected to the Mob in Toronto:

Peter Scarcella doesn't like being designated an

organized crime figure. Not surprising. Neither do the Hells Angels.

Scarcella's co accused is Hells Angel Paris Christoforou who was convicted on nine counts of attempted murder. Scarfella has quite the rap sheet. CBC refers to him as the Rat. Here another Hells Angel associate being caught with more confidential police documents. Here's the twist. The courts ruled the documents he had private and is trying to censor that from the public after if made the National Post. Protecting criminals and hiding their identity from the public. Just who do the courts really work for?

Otis Garrett is still honoured on Hells Angels Sin City’s Baddest Hells Angels West Vegas Web Site

Natural justice is simple. The Hells Angels have to live with themselves

and their real legacy. No lie can live forever.

The legacy of Otis Garrett

filthyfew.JPG (13223 bytes)

Hunter S. Thompson and the Hells Angels

Hells Angels and GHB Date Rape Drug

ghb.gif (28824 bytes)

Hells Angel Pride: DFFD

AMOBMD is a rude deviant who made an insolent reference to having sex with my mother. You guys just don't get it. There is nothing manly about pulling a woman's hair, throwing her to the ground and kicking her in the head when she is on the ground. There is nothing manly about murdering a mother and her twin 7 year old daughters for testifying against Otis Garrett in a prostitution trial. And there most certainly isn't anything manly about gang raping and torturing a woman in Melbourne. Raping a woman is not manly. Gang raping a woman is worse. Woman beaters are trash not role models. There is nothing noble about buying or selling date rape drug. The bottom line is that you can never trust a liar.

DFFD: Deviants Forever Forever Deviants

Tasers and Noisy pipes

Kelowna bans gang colours

Joke: 3 Hells Angels at a Truck Stop

Eileen Mohan Leader of the Year

-Eileen-Mohan-WEB.jpg (175966 bytes)

Ed Schellenburg / Chris Mohan Memorial Golf Tournament Registration

September 24 2009 - Hazelmere Golf and Country Club

Sponsored by Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts and the Surrey Firefighters Charitable Society. For more information call the tournament Director at: 604 632-7233.

"Please come to support us to raise awareness to prevent these thugs from stealing another innocent life. My loving, innocent son, Chris and a loving husband and father, Ed – was taken for no reason at all. We must Never stop remembering and honouring our loved ones ensure that laws are changed to reflect the society’s rights over the criminals rights.

Funds raised will be used to:

  1. Sponsor two at risk students [from joining gangs selected by the School boards] for a sports scholarship and a trades scholarship
  2. To run anti gang ads to bring awareness to the communities
  3. To assist families of violent crime should an opportunity arises

Thank you."

Eileen Mohan
Chris Mohan’s Mum

dove1.JPG (3197 bytes) chesbanner.JPG (7856 bytes)

Public Safety Rally Beer Creek Park

Surrey Crime Prevention Meeting

Chris Mohan Memorial Mass

Surrey Rally Against violence Speeches

The Hells Angels web of lies begins to unravel:

SPIDER-WEB.jpg (19891 bytes)

Hells Angels, Bacon Brothers, United Nations,

Independent Soldiers... Things that make you go hmmm....

If Matt Schrader is friends with Robert Shannon and Hal Porteous who are associated with the Hells Angels and if the Hells Angels really don't like the UN and are trying to get rid of them, then what was Matt really doing with Taco in Mexico? Eliminating the middleman and buying direct or just eliminating the competition perhaps? Who ratted out Clay Roueche anyways? Can you ever trust a liar?

"the puppetmaster is not less blameworthy than the puppet."

John Punko: "If we [Hells Angels members] walk in there and they're [UN members] in Brandi's, they're going to get pounded out."

gargoyle01.jpg (29772 bytes)

karwan.JPG (2563 bytes)barzan_tilli_choli2.JPG (3694 bytes)larry3.JPG (6680 bytes)jamiebacon2.JPG (28116 bytes)kevinleclair2.JPG (5311 bytes)

Ron Lising on the UN: “That’s what you tell these f---in’, f---ing UN cocks, they’re just f---ing faggots ... First of all, those guys are not welcome. They’re not welcome in this f---in’ province. They ain’t f---ing allowed. If you see ’em, we’re gonna f---in’ take care of 'em and anybody who does anything with 'em. See who f---in' stands up. They do, we pound them.”

Well, well, well. Here we thought Larry Amero was kissing UN ass by letting his old girlfriend ride in the car with the UN who did the hit outside Tbarz. No wonder his friends are Bacon Brother friends. They are playing the UN while they try to eliminate them. That sure sounds like a criminal organization to me. Seize the bar.

wrr.jpg (5692 bytes)

In the Arms of the Angels

Ontario Justice vs B.C. Lawlessness

"I'd like to slap that judge's face" Michael Levy's mother

"the puppetmaster is not less blameworthy than the puppet."

Ontario Hells Angels vs B.C. Hells Angels

Melissa Todorovic vs Katherine Quinn

ronlising2.jpg (38867 bytes)

British Columbia - the lawless state

Steve Brown was right. British Columbia is now a have not province with respect to justice. When a murderer is convicted, then set free on bail for an appeal, logic dictates that is wrong. Katherine Quinn orchestrated that murder from start to finish. She should have received a longer sentence than her boyfriend. "Not only has the criminal justice system failed my beautiful child, they've failed all of you, all Canadian citizens,"

  We need to hold our elected officials accountable

"If we want to fix the judicial system we need to hold the politicians accountable and pass law and order legislation. Everyone is crying for blood but in essence the judges hands are tied. If the government gives them the legislation they can tear the old page out of the old book and replace it with the new one. Right now the judges are taking a lot of heat and the politicians, the ones who have the power to make the changes, are getting off Scott free. We need to hold our elected officials accountable." Eileen Mohan

Convicted murder gets bail waiting appeal

B.C. tells cops to 'severely restrict' Taser use

Tasers can cause death - no kidding

Justice? Only in Ontario? Pity...

The Hells Angels are a criminal organization in Canada. The jurisprudence has already been established in Ontario twice. What we continue to see is how the laws in BC are administered differently than they are in the rest of the country. The list of cocaine convictions speak for themselves.

Devil2.jpg (14971 bytes)

There's No Bravery in British Columbia

Too much sympathy for the devil

RCMP Airport Taser Inquiry

Dave Picton and the Hells Angels

Tories propose warrantless wiretap legislation

I agree that goes too far. There is nothing wrong with getting a warrant. The problem is when BC judges throw wire tap evidence out even when the police got a warrant. We don't need to give up privacy rights.

Harper, Ignatieff make deal on EI but what about Crime?

Hells Angels shot a reporter in the back

tbbp.JPG (9381 bytes) tbarzrj.JPG (3611 bytes)

tb81rats.bmp (236038 bytes)

Hells Angel, ex-cop charged with weapons offences

Retired Winnipeg Police Officer Ken Houston, 38, was in the same SUV with Hells Angel William Bowden. Both men face numerous weapons charges as well as a charge of possession of a controlled substance. I wonder if that's who gave Ian Grant the confidential police file. Kinda like Rob and Matt.

A Walk Down Memory Lane - The Loft 6 Shooting

Donald Roming was shot dead outside the Bar None in Yaletown March 9 2001. According to Prime time Crime, Roming was the owner of Loft 6 and was a Hells Angel. In 2003 there was a shooting inside the Loft 6. It has been alleged that Phil Hothi was involved in the shooting and was shot in retaliation. Phil worked for Peter Adiwal who was recently shot 20 times and survived. Ironic how the New IS leadership are all friends with the Hells Angels and all the old leaders who had beef with the Hells Angels are getting shot or dying in car accidents. It has been said that in Prince George no one sells drugs without the Hells Angels permission.

Tories to end conditional sentences for some crimes

Three cheers! House arrest for selling cocaine is a disgrace. The Faint hope clause gives early parole for murderers. Liberals on crack. Watch the Vote.

Tories want to kill 'two-for-one' prison-time credit - three cheers!

"I'd like to slap that judge's face" Michael Levy's mother

Quinn gets new trial for orchestrating Surrey murder

Murdered artist's killer appeals conviction

Chief Justice steps down - No Wally

Don’t you dare make Wally Oppal Chief Judge after he was voted out. That would be a slap in the face of democracy and justice. Judicial reform? What a joke. He can’t fix something he denies is broken.

CSIS and Canada's Guantanamo Bay

garrywebb.jpg (19390 bytes)

All Hail Gary Webb [Suspicious Suicide]

Gary Webb and the Kerry Committee Report

Sarah McClendon Questions Bill Clinton About Mena, Arkansas

After Judge Robert Bonner was on 60 minutes documenting how the CIA brought over a ton of cocaine into Florida they finally fessed up and said it was a mistake. They claimed they were trying to infiltrate a drug smuggling operation and the drugs weren't supposed to hit the streets. But it wasn't the first shipment by any means and it doesn't explain the Iran Contra affair nor does it explain the witnesses who have come forward after Gary Webb's article and book. Or the boat loaded with 2 1/2 tons of cocaine that Richard Barszczewski stopped charges against the Hells Angels from proceeding in Canada.

duck_hunter3.JPG (9396 bytes)

Readers Respond to Enforcement

Fostering Addiction: "There is no logic here"

The Province ran an article on East Van wherein a police officer suggested addicts are locked up until they are clean. That is far more humane then feeding them poison to commit suicide. It is in harmony with the advice of a reformed drug addict who spoke at the Surrey Crime Prevention Meeting. It is harmony with the love that Clay Roueche showed James Coulter in helping him get clean. I'm not talking about beating them or not being sensitive to the horrible things that might have put them there. I'm talking about being humane and doing the right thing.

Peter Adiwal is shot numerous times but survives

Peter Adiwal is one of the original Independent Soldiers gang members back when it was an IndoCanadian gang. He's the guy that got no jail time for getting caught selling drugs in prison. I find it somewhat ironic that all the IndoCanadian members of IS are getting killed and all the white friends of the Hells Angels are taking over leadership of the group.

halboy.JPG (8743 bytes)

Soreass 81 supporter from BC sent me some hate mail. He thinks I’m Kim Bolan. Wrong. I think he’s Matt Schrader. He’s the only one dumb enough to send someone an e-mail with his real IP number. The hate mail claims Kim Bolan’s blog contain lies. Please be advised that false allegations of slander constitute slander my unlearned friend.

Blaze Cam Matt Mike ktown.JPG (18695 bytes)

Matt Schrader with a few friends in Kelowna. He doesn't look quite as goofy in that photo as he does in the one with Taco. Just short. If that really is him posting on Kim Bolan's blog then he sure isn't as bright as we had hoped.

From left to right in the photo from Kelowna are Donnie "Blaze" McWhirter, Cameron Thimer, Matt Schraser and Mike Hamersley. Mike is pretty buff. Mind you, so was Kevin. If Mike is the brawn then where's the brains? Matt sure comes up short. Again.

If Matt is friends with Hal Porteous and Robert Shannon and if Hall Porteous and Robert Shannon are associated with the Hells Angels then these are just Matt's friends. Of course.

BTW isn't it bad luck to get your photo taken with Matt? Rob Shannon's in jail, Tom and Jayme were arrested and Taco Castaneda is dead. Matt was one of the last people seen with Taco before he was shot in Mexico. Imagine that. With friends like Matt...

Don Lyons plead guilty to conspiracy to traffic cocaine

He was arrested the same time Lester Jones was

RCMP Security Breach - Vancouver Sun

Former RCMP officer, "Rapinder (Rob) Sidhu, who runs a company called IMAX Investigation Group, is accused of calling the RCMP’s Operations Communications Centre in July 2007, posing as a police officer and requesting the Surrey address where the Bacons were then residing."

"Members of the Integrated Gang Task Force have stopped a vehicle registered to IMAX Investigation Group being driven by Matt Schader, a close associate of Rob Shannon, the Fraser Valley man sentenced last month to 20 years in a U.S. jail for heading an international drug smuggling ring."

So here we have a former cop with several charges whose employee is an associate of both Robert Shannon, Hells Angels drug smuggler and the UN. In this photo Matt is seen in Mexico with Taco, the UN member who was shot dead in Mexico.

It would appear that on one side we see the Hells Angels assisting the UN in eliminating the Bacon brothers yet on the other side we see signs that Hells Angels friends were Bacon brother friends. With friends like that who needs enemies.

Growing Links Seen Between Hells Angels and Neo-Nazis

Winnipeg Hells Angel charged with manslaughter

Yo bro Bob and Jody are on Weird Hal's boat

bobandjody.JPG (13669 bytes)

But look at where Bob is now

jodyvid6.JPG (9103 bytes)

Don't forget to toast the ears NSG

bobonaboatagain.JPG (21736 bytes)

Where was all that money coming from?

weird-al-yankovic2.JPG (39363 bytes)

Weird Hal is still white and nerdy even with that plastic bling

schoolbullies.jpg (16292 bytes)  no20bullies.jpg (32712 bytes)

Gang violence in Sydney attributed to Hells Angels

Police target Quebec Hells Angels chapters

Bikie killed in airport brawl Down Under

Hells Angels denied entry to Iceland

Police Chief apologizes over seized camera

Increased border worker crim checks?

What about Mindi Niedermeiser?

London Clubhouse seized

HAMC Unwanted in London

Bar Watch taken to a new level:

Louis Pasquin disbarred for gangterism

A Montreal lawyer who has defended members of

the Hells Angels has been found guilty of cocaine trafficking

B.C. Civil Liberties Association complain about seized camera

Police shoot someone and seize a camera without a warrant again

I guess the charter of rights only applies to gang members not citizens

Jamie Bacon, Matt Johnston and Cody Haevischer are all now facing first degree murder and conspiracy charges in connection with the Surrey Six murder while Dennis Karbovanec, who plead guilty gets charged with second degree murder. It appears a plea bargain was made to get the confession."Notorious" Red Scorpions? The Red Scorpions were a handful of guys shot up by the Bacon Brother Associates. The Hells Angels are notorious. We still need to get rid of them. Let's look at the big picture.

B.C. wins court battle over Hells Angels clubhouse finally!

Next - Remove Langley Hells Angels clubhouse

Then - Revoke Tbarz business license

Follow the Road to Oshawa - B.E.U.

Case Law: Civil Remedies Act Oshawa

Abbotsford responds to Vancouver Gang Wars

Surrey calls to cut off the head of the snake

deadhead.JPG (12475 bytes) deadhead2b.JPG (6054 bytes)

Feds seize Hells Angels clubhouse in Halifax

Linking isn't Publication - Defamation

Halifax anti gang legislation 2003

Real Warriors don't sell crack

injustice.JPG (6626 bytes)

Memory lane Remember Project Nova

New budget fails to address gang violence

Campbell rationalizes his complacency with nonsense

With the recent outbreak of violence in the Vancouver gang war one has to pause and ask what is the fighting about and who is responsible. I hear talk about the Indo Canadian gangs and I hear talk about the Asian gangs but with all do respect, those are smoke screens. Pot's not the problem. Heroin's not the problem. Crack and meth are.

In 2005 the Vancouver Sun reported that the RCMP's annual report on organized crime ranked the Indo Canadian gangs in B.C. third after outlaw bikers and the Asian gangs. Let's think about that for a minute. We only have one outlaw biker gang in B.C. and that's the Hells Angels. Not only are the Hells Angels a criminal organization, they are the biggest criminal organization in B.C. The lies and denial do not change that fact.

The Independent Soldiers used to be an Indo Canadian gang. That was before their leaders were killed. Now the Independent Soldiers from Kelowna are white and they're not independent. They work for the Hells Angles like the Zig Zag crew and the Renegades.

UN Gang caught working with the Hells Angels to traffic drugs

The Independent Soldiers are connected to the Hells Angels

Renegades are a puppet organization of the Hell's Angels

"No one in Prince George can sell drugs without permission of the Hell's Angels"

William Moore, president of the Renegades, faces 3 counts of trafficking in cocaine

Norman Krogstad, president of the Vancouver chapter of the

Hells Angels, faces 14 counts of trafficking in cocaine

Renegade and Hells Angels' Arrests

Another day another shooting

The lawlessness continues

Finally- Oshawa clubhouse seized

Ontario Police Seized Outlaws clubhouse

Just like in Quebec, the Ontario police cracked down on Hells Angel rivals paving the way for the Hells Angels. It would appear the Hells Angels have more po po in their pocket than 50 Cent.

Bail hearings should be public

Mike Farnworth is right. Things are completely out of control and the Liberal government has done nothing but become enablers for the gang violence. Vote Smart B.C. Vote for Public safety not for Campbell's complacency.

Machine gun fire at Langley Mall

Critically injures Surrey resident and Bacon Brother Associate

HA's COS again and again

Cross-Canada Cocaine Ring

HAMC Ruled a Criminal Org Again

Kingpin with Hells Angels ties arrested

771 kg of cocaine seized - Quast Pleads guilty

Another one Bites the Dust - Langley clubhouse

glen_jonathan_hehn.jpg (13794 bytes) pl3.JPG (3171 bytes)  garret.JPG (3900 bytes) chrishudsonb.JPG (3031 bytes)

Don't kick the cat - Put the Hehn in the Pen

Call Crime Stoppers:

1 800 222 8477 (TIPS)

Surrey Hells Angel Meth Cook Sentenced

Hells Angels Associate busted for prolonged production of meth. Judge sends the associate to jail but creates a publication ban on the name of the Hells Angels he was making the meth for. In the US the CIA are corrupt. In BC the judges are.

I believe that law enforcement officers in Canada are inherently good but I believe that the judges in BC are absolutely horrific. It has got to be frustrating for law enforcement officers to do all that work, spend all that money and take all that risk only to have the judge throw good cases out. We need legislation to replace bad judges.

Never mind the Drake Hotel, what about T-Barz in Surrey?

Hells Angels Criminal Organization Status

Hello people. They already have criminal organization status in Canada. Look at the many convictions. Oh right, that was an Ontario decision. B.C. is a welcome mat for organized gangs. Just as Macleans. Before we try the Hells Angels we are going to have to try our corrupt judges. Otherwise we are wasting our time.

A surveillance video shows Ronaldo Lising punching a bouncer outside the Au Bar nightclub on Seymour Street, while Rob Alvarez was kicking him. The May 2005 attack came after the bouncer told the pair to wait their turn. Typical. Two bullies sucker punch a bouncer trying to but in line at a club. How noble. Three cheers for Bar Watch. At another incident, Ronaldo Lising and Francisco Pires were found guilty of cocaine trafficking. They lost their appeal November 2005.

VPD's Project Old Timer

vpdbait2.JPG (28621 bytes) vpdot2.JPG (21207 bytes)

The Vancouver Police Department recruited the use of movie make up artists to transform a VPD member into a vulnerable senior and placed him under cover in East Vancouver. This project confirmed suspicions. Heartless cowards would assault and rob the most vulnerable in East Van. There is No Bravery in that.

This is how  those who benefit from the sale of crack earn their living. By creating addicts who rob seniors. The same thing happened in Surrey. A senior was very seriously assaulted after a home invasion in Whalley for $5 to buy crack.

vpdbait3.JPG (23453 bytes) vpdbait4.JPG (26695 bytes) vpdbait5.JPG (25172 bytes)

Legalizing drugs doesn't reduce organized crime

Amsterdam closes half it's pot cafes and brothels to deal a blow to organized crime. Don't forget their city council wanted to close the notorious Yab Yum brothel because they claim the Hells Angels used blackmail to acquire it. They claim the Hells Angels paid €1.8m for it when it was worth €9m.

BC Judicial Treason continues

Injustice John Truscott threw out another RCMP case against a crack dealer after the police got a written consent to search his car. He said the pat down was unlawful. Our judges are unlawful.

"Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God."

If you can see the face of God in those who suffer,

then you have a pure heart. If you can't then you are heartless.

If you see gang violence, what can you do?

Write down license plates, descriptions and location

Then give them to Crime Stoppers anonymously.

The police will follow the suspect until they commit another crime.

Protecting these gangsters is just plain wrong.

Call Crime Stoppers:

1 800 222 8477 (TIPS)

This website is sponsored by the West Coast Ghosts

Don't call us, Call Crime Stoppers

And contact your MP

It's your duty

dallaire.jpg (10394 bytes)

"I know there's a God because in

Surrey Central I shook hands with the Devil."