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I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind." From the Canadian Bill of Rights, July 1, 1960

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Police seize $1.4 million from the Alkhalils

Overview of the John Nuttall Entrapment case

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Legal Opinion in Entrapment Case Released

CSIS was involved with Nuttall Entrapment Case

El Chapo arrested again - Body found in West Kelowna

John Nuttall's entrapment case back in court

Bacchus in Ontario - Don't Blaze and Drive

Mexican Mayor Killed - Kelowna drug bust

In 1986 a Montreal Hells Angel involved with cocaine trafficking in BC admitted to planting a bomb outside Tara Singh Hayer's office in Surrey. Hayer was going to testify in the Air India trial. A local terrorist organization involved with the Air India attack hired Hells Angels associates to plant the bomb.

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Remembering Brandy Sarionder

Remembering Janice Shore

The Kelowna Hells Angels

THC vs CBD - Fact vs Fiction

Spotlight on the BC Hydro Fraud

Canadian intelligence caught backing ISIS

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Every time a police task force found organized crime, a government body disbanded that police task force. 1) The RCMP issued a report showing how bad money laundering was in BC casinos. Instead of dealing with the problem, Rich Coleman and the BC Liberals did away with the RCMP's Integrated Illegal Gaming Enforcement Team.

2) Operation Phoenix was a Regional Task Force's investigation that targeted Hal Porteous and the BC Hells Angels. The RCMP scuttled that operation and prevented it from going to trial. Then disbanded the task force responsible for the investigation. Allen Dalstrom received a $2 million out of court settlement to keep his mouth shut.

3) 2 1/2 tons of cocaine bound for the BC Hells Angels were seized in the Western Wind bust. Richard Barszczewski from the RCMP scuttled that operation and prevented any Hells Angels from being charged.

4) Pat Fogarty issued a ridiculous head up his ass public rant about how the Hells Angels aren't a problem in Kelowna any more it's the other guys we have to worry about. Then the Gang Task Force and the OMGU proved him wrong in every possible way. So what do they do? They get rid of the OMGU and cut back the Gang Task Force putting another political puppet in charge saying everything is OK.

5) Wally Opal shut down the missing women inquiry as soon as the Hells Angels were mentioned and turned it into a panel discussion where he could more easily ban key evidence claiming the mandate of the inquiry was not to find other suspects even though Robert Pickton was convicted based on the fact that he was not the only or main suspect just an active participant.

6) The Port Police were disbanded in 1997 right when the Hells Angles took over the docks in Canada. Are we beginning to see a pattern yet?