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"I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind." From the Canadian Bill of Rights, July 1, 1960


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Man acquitted of Hells Angels murder found slain in Laval

There's good and bad on both sides of the Gaza conflict

Mutual respect between Gaza and Israel

Two kilos of Drugs Seized in Whalley

Suspicious suicides do exist

Ibrahim Ali found guilty of murder

Detective Helen Grus' case settled

Cameron Ortis and the thought police

Vancouver Island drug bust tied to the Hells Angels

Kelowna man sentenced six years for drug trafficking

Tyrel Nguyen Quesnelle convicted of killing Randy Kang

Alberta seize 6 kilos of fentanyl and 6 kilos of crystal meth

Ibrahim Ali's brutal rape and Dr Tracy Pickett's suspicious suicide

Ottawa considers moving the RCMP away from policing

IHIT and the Surrey Six Investigation

Jury finds Cameron Ortis guilty

Get Rid of the RCMP dot ca


Gaza ceasefire and prisoner swap

Greg Woolley shot dead south of Montreal

Connecting the dots in the Cameron Ortis case

Massive Toronto Drug Bust: Project Finito

Alberta Covid emergency inquiry

The Ben Gurion Canal Project in Gaza

Gangstersout Podcast with Elspeth Beard

Zelensky Cancels the Presidential Election

Israel Government Restricts Rights of Israelis

Solemn Reflection on Remembrance Day 2023

Father and son fatally shot in Edmonton

Cameron Ortis' redacted testimony

Benjamin Netanyahu has lost his mind

Civilians leaving Gaza escorted by Israeli tanks

Guilty pleas in Jonathan Bacon's Kelowna murder

Judge overturns Bridgeport, Connecticut's civic election

Hells Angels prospect arrested after Clarington shooting

Israel gave birth control to Ethiopians without their consent

Transcript of Cameron Ortis' testimony still not available

Rising above the stereotypes about Jews and Muslims

Philippines launches investigation into excess deaths

Cameron Ortis' innocence begins to be revealed

More Israeli soldiers confirm Stand Down Order

Courtney Vasseur charged with stock fraud

Shooting at Langley Starbucks - Video

The WEF wants Gaza's Oil and Gas

Halloween in Gaza In Real Life

Respect for cultural diversity

Fundraising Fraud in times of War

Al Qaeda this, ISIS that, Hamas what?

Halifax and East Vancouver Shootings

The CIA, ISIS and the IDF stand down order

The refusal to recognize 9/11 was an inside job

Israeli soldier thinks Hamas attack was an inside job

Hells Angels got rid of bodies at Fresno funeral home

Andrew Bridgen discusses excessive deaths in Parliament

Statistically Improbable: Sudden Infant Deaths Ignored

Crystal meth shipped from Vancouver to New Zealand

Hamas and ISIS : Reflecting on the Other side

Being Prepared in chaotic times

The invasiveness of the CIA

Jupiter’s Travels 50th Anniversary

The criminality of the Hells Angels

Trevor Bauer Exposes False Allegations

The Cameron Ortis set up has been revealed

San Diego Hells Angel indited on racist attack

Donald Best on the trial of Detective Helen Grus

Maple Ridge Hells Angel pleads guilty to drug trafficking

BC proposes sweeping ban on public use of illegal drugs

The Criminality of the Outlaws MC - Corey Greenwood shot dead

Hamas has declared war with Israel - Come let us reason together

One Million March for Children - The Rise of All-Ages Sex Shops

Muslim Association of Canada rebukes Justin Trudeau

Liberals scapegoat House Speaker for honouring Nazi

Project HAARP and the Weather Modification Act

Jason Whitlock on January 6 political prisoners

Air India Bombing revisited on BBC

9/11 and the Air India bombing

The Logistics of Means and Motive

Pattullo Bridge Replacement has begun

Ontario Hells Angel home torched again

SNC Lavalin owns Trans Mountain pipeline

Man charged with Arson in Quebec forest fire

Tamara Lich and Chris Barber's Kangaroo Court begins

New York Supreme Court reinstates unvaxxed teachers

Live Interviews from the Khalistan Referendum in Surrey

Khalistan referendum Surrey September 10th 2023

John Dodson on Operation Fast and Furious

Savary Island and Desolation Sound Road Trip

Bob Seger: Roll Me Away - Susan Ashton: Grand Canyon

Kid Carson and Tasha Fishman on Unschooling

Strange statements made about the Hawaii fire

The Three Stooges Silly Saga Continues

CSIS, China and Global Fake News

Wind Therapy on a Motorcycle

Extremism: The Two Faces of Crazy

Taliban’s Successful Opium Eradication

Bowron Lakes to Desolation Sound Road Trip

Kelowna, Hawaii and the Kaleidoscope of Insanity

West Kelowna Forest Fire: In and Out of Control

Highly Suspicious Fire in Hawaii

Hells Angels 40th Anniversary in BC

How the Fake News is Portraying China

More Charges Dropped Against Sam Bankman-Fried

Marxist cancelled for criticizing gender ideology

William Majcher set up like Cameron Ortis

The arrest of  RCMP Money laundering investigator

Second ex-Mountie named as co-conspirator

Alternative Iranian Protesters in Vancouver

Falun Gong Rally and March in Vancouver

Weekly Wednesday Protest in Maple Ridge

David Leatherwood: Children cannot consent

Outlaws and Loners rivalry in Cornwall, Ontario

C4: Transitioning children without Parent's consent

Nurses rally at Victoria Hospital over staffing shortages

Ontario Biker busted with a kilo of crystal meth and a gun

Surrey Sikh leader's fatal shooting sparks protests in Toronto

Gays Against Groomers speak at Moms For Liberty National Summit

Supreme Court restrains Biden's ability to censor social media

Interview with Pierre Barns from

Charges in New Brunswick Murder tied to Outlaws MC

Cluster bombs, Doctor shortage and Pedophile hate

SHFT TV: The rise of independent media

Bill C-47 bans supliments

Health Care Workers oppose Bill 36

Pierre Barnes from Exposing SOGI 123

Canadian navy member validates pedophilia

Fifteen Tennis Players Unable to Finish Miami Open

Toronto Star-Postmedia merger controls the narrative

Fasting helps detox from Covid rna vaccine spike protein

Muslims protest outside Justin Trudeau’s office

Electronic tabulators to be used in BC elections

Dominican basketball player dies of heart attack

Table dancing drag show for RCMP in Surrey

BC Liberals finish fourth place in byelection

Ride like the Wind - We need a new playlist

Another shooting in the DTES

Finding Balance and staying Positive

Mark Saunders runs for Toronto Mayor

Man shot dead outside Surrey Sikh Temple

Flaxen cords: Don't get Dragged into slavery.

Nanaimo residents hold another anti-crime rally

Hells Angels drug dealer dies after pleading guilty

More Crystal meth seized at the Port of Vancouver

Unsealed report on Dominion Voting vulnerabilities

Ted Simon Jupiter's Travels - Police seize 3D-printed guns

BC schools apologize for sexual materials given to students

David Eby declares that opposing child grooming is hateful

Nanaimo shooting and stabbing at homeless drug camp

Maxime Berner defeated in Portage-Lisgar byelection

Calgary Muslims protest child grooming in schools

Facebook & Instagram cut off News for Canadians

The Pharmaceutical Fraud behind Transitioning

Paul Bernardo, Clifford Olsen and Erik Carnell

My Book has Begun: The First Step

Justin Trudeau left teaching mid term

Mafia murder in Montreal tied to Laval

Robert Wallace from Gays Against Groomers

Leslin Lewis on the WEF's Agile Nations Program

Glenn Beck and Alan Dershowitz on George Soros

Fake Environmentalism launches new famine in Ireland

Q+ Freaks target children in Winnipeg and Quebec

Trump Town Hall and the Republican Ride in Iowa

Tucker's Carlson's Breaking News on the Ukraine

Flaxen cords: Don't get Dragged into slavery.

All-ages drag show held on Parliament Hill

Muslims protest sexualization of children

Drea Humphrey interviews Chris Barber

Instagram banned Robert Kennedy

The Vancouver Sun is Worthless

New T-shirts from Rouech Blend

Gays Against Groomers Cancelled

Gangsters out interviews Tamara Lich

Dr Steven Pelech: Covid Misinformation

Justin Trudeau wants to erase Terry Fox

Maple Ridge considers Public drug use ban

Larry Amero corresponded with Jamie Bacon

Nanaimo Hells Angel pleads guilty to cocaine trafficking

Unacceptable: A documentary about the Convoy

Shutting down lawful protest in North Vancouver

US border no longer requires proof of vaccination

Kelowna Rally in support of the Freedom Convoy

Examining the Oil Wars and the History of all Conflict

FDA knew about Pfizer fatal side effects on babies

Drug Dealer defiantly tests decriminalization

Post Media's Covid fake news Time Warp

Natural gas will lower Global emissions

The Censorship of Robert F Kennedy

Hold The Line by Tamara Lich

Fatal shooting in Surrey

A Message for Xi Jinping

Rise above it all like the Lotus

Larry Amero's Sentencing Begins

General Liu Yazhou and Xi Jinping

CIA rejects Xi Jinping's Ukraine Peace Plan

Protest outside Chinese consulate in Vancouver

BC NDP strongly recommends Surrey continues transition

Justin Trudeau wants to become a cocaine dealer

The Ibrahim Ali murder trial

Kelowna drug dealers sentenced

Shootings in Edmonton and Chilliwack

Vito's son Leonardo Rizzuto shot in Laval

Police seize 90 kilos of cocaine in Calgary

An Inside look at the Drag Queen Storytime

Saudi announces surprise oil cuts: That is haram.

Campbell River & Prince George street level drug bust

Alberta electronic voting is a red flag for everyone

UDA replace top cocaine dealer after sentencing

Stormy Daniels' Circus Freak Side Show

Police identify victim in Surrey shooting

The Way of the Lion Martial Arts Society

Suspect charged in Nanaimo shooting

9mm Ballistics from Ammo dot com

Fatal Stabbing in Vancouver

Ryan Chiappe on the Lam

Missing Man from Merritt, BC

Missing Man from Amherst, Nova Scotia

OPP officer found guilty of sexual assault

UN Gang makes international headlines in the fake news

A Plan in Place for the Road Ahead

Google Censorship and the CIA

The Way of the Lion Martial Arts Society

Peel police seize $10M worth of stolen cars

UDA replace top cocaine dealer after sentencing

Saskatchewan hedges against federal fertilizer ban

Suspect charged in connection to Nanaimo shooting

Dutch farmers' protest party scores big election win

Newfoundland RCMP officer charged with cocaine ttaficking

Police escorted QAnon through the halls on January 6th

BC drops vaccine requirements for public servants

Clay Farnswort from Police on Guard

Gratitude: A Break in the Horizon

Zen and the Art of Civil Liberty

Preparing for the Road Trip

Hells Angels drug bust in Ontario

50 kilos of cocaine seized in Winnipeg

Langley Hells Angels clubhouse still stands

52 kilos of crystal meth seized in Maple Ridge

Dead body found on Devil's Army clubhouse floor

Langley company gets license to produce cocaine

Alberta embraces the Portugal model. BC abandons it.

Medical experts confront Government misinformation

The EU wants to eliminate 3,000 farms in Belgium

The Left's obsession to sexualize young children

Chilliwack school Libraries promote incest

Banning Natural gas is completely insane

Christine Anderson's visit to Canada

Bill Maher on the Woke Revolution

Rectal torture at Guantanamo Bay

Bill Maher and Woody Harrelson

Ron DeSantis and George Soros

Woody Harrelson on SNL

Confronting evil and shame

Warning labels on beer and wine

Devil's Reject murder trial in court

52 kilos of crystal meth seized in Maple Ridge

3 BC Hells Angels clubhouses seized on appeal

The Left's obsession to sexualize young children

Silencing of addiction experts who criticize 'safe supply'

50 kilos of cocaine & 20 kilos of meth seized in Winnipeg

Larry Amero: Closing Arguments - Crime Doesn't Pay

The Solution to Metro Vancouver's Housing Crisis

Bill Morneau: A Path to Canadian Prosperity

The Future of Surrey: Reflecting on my crib

The Postmedia Lawsuit has been Settled


China's spy balloon nonsense

Guns, Cars and Cocaine in Ontario

Economic Growth: The Value of Immigration

Immigration and housing: Conflicting protests in Dublin

Liberals withdraw amendment banning hunting rifles

Damion Ryan facing firearms offences in Ottawa

Conor D'Monte and Cory Vallee

MAID and the Compassionate Lie

Janet Yellen wants workers' wages low

Justin's Fertilizer Tax to increase inflation

Get your booster Not for Omicron offshoot

Hells Angels prostitution trial begins in Spain

Leslyn Lewis on Justin Trudeau's WEF Charter

Excess All Cause Mortality is a Cause for Concern

Chrystia Freeland wants to make everyone poor

Hells Angels kidnap 70 year old grandparents

Redd Alert member murdered in the DTES

Covid Care Alliance Testimonials

Japan looks to Canada for LNG

The Manufactured Energy Crisis

Florian’s Knights: A Cautionary Tale

More Fake News about Pan-Am Flight 103

 A New Year of Conflict in the Middle East

Catching the Rise on Hollyburn Ridge

Gangsters Out Theme for 2023

Myanmar and the Ukraine

2022 in Review: Examining the Narrative

The Evolution of Gangsters out: Examining the Agenda

NDP MPs oppose Justin Trudeau's last minute amendment to Bill C-21

First Nations leaders unanimously vote against Ottawa’s gun control

Klaus Schwab praises the Chinese Communist Party

Trust in the mainstream media continues to decline