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Gangsters Out

Veritas Aequitas - Truth and Justice

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Fraud Watch

Drugs, threats and the Hells Angels

"I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind." From the Canadian Bill of Rights, July 1, 1960

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Sinaloa El Chapo and Manuel Noriega - 10 years for murder

Transit cop suspended for assaulting and tasering elderly man

West Van police accused of sexual harassment: Updated

Johnny Newcome plays get out of jail free card

One year anniversary of Janice Shore's murder

Missing Persons Act crushes Civil liberty

Ziggy Matheson and Ali Ziaee charged

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Newton Crime Prevention Gone Bad

Joey Verma Trial

TBM Fresh Start

Kelowna Corner

Gangsters Out Blog

Public Gang Registry

Unsolved Murders

David Baines' Column

Vancouver Beat Cop

Addiction in DTES

Prime Time Crime

The Aging Rebel

Valerie Capone

Mike on Crime

Gangsters Inc

Stop Gangsters


TJ's Gift

Gang Awareness

Human Trafficking Help

Chip Tatum

Recommend Reading:

Judicial Treason Strikes Again

When a murderer walks free

BC Budget Scam goes viral

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Diane Watt's Tower of Fiscal Irresponsibility

Vancouver home to Canada’s first crack pipe vending machines

Hammers used to murder Dain Philips and Janice Shore

Mafia drug ring tied to New York and Canada busted

Person X implicated in the murder of Duane Meyer

Online protest against mass surveillance

First Nation Elders honour Janice Shore

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Instructions to the King - Stop the violence

raiden33c.JPG (17108 bytes)

Remembering Janice Shore

Laura Szendrei murderer named

Lindsay Buziak Walk and Memorial

Increased Police presence in Newton

CSEC chief lies about breaking the law

Hells Angels member arrested in Edmonton

Dianne Watts is still bullying Barinder Rasode

The sentencing of Norm Cocks and Rob Thomas

Opposition MPs grill Minister of Defense over online spying

Enbridge lobbyist Chuck Strahl resigns from CSIS watchdog

Kerri Krysko radio interview with Mike McIntyre

Kerri Krysko on CTV - Large drug bust on PEI

Dennis Rodman is a traitor - Murder does not pay

Jimi Sandhu charged in Red Scorpion murder

Guilty plea in Kelowna Hells Angels drug bust

Two Guilty pleas in Kelowna Hells Angels Murder

The sentencing of Norm Cocks and Rob Thomas

Is Mena, AK still involved with drug trafficking?

U.S. helped the Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel rise to power

Operation Fast and Furious is a bigger scandal than Watergate

Spike's other niece involved with another drug dealer

Fukushima myths are killing us

Vegas cocaine ring tied to Calgary

PEI drug dealers lose custody of their kids

Second cop implicted in Montreal Hells Angels leak

Surrey homicide after more complaints fell on deaf ears

Two Fort Mcmurray men charged with forcible confinement

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New Peaks: Eagle Ridge - Lake Agnes - Fairview

Finian's Journey - Ice Carving at Lake Louise

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Follow up interview with Kerri Krysko

Hells Angels sentenced for murder and robbery in Spain

Fukushima Reactor still leaking radioactive water - Stop the leak

James Riach busted in Mexican / Philippines drug ring

NDP MLAs meet to discuss crime in Surrey

Charges laid in 2012 Kamloops murder

Follow up interview with Kerri Krysko

Civilans arrest police in Mexico

Tax payers getting scammed

Red Scorpions still in Business

Being Uncle Charlie: New book by Bob Deasey

The Surrey Civic Monster Mash has Begun

The-Bride-of-Frankenstein.jpg (31352 bytes)

Steven King in court on crack charges

Liquid Zoo loses Suspension Appeal

Shooting inside Burnaby Catus club

Shooting at Macs in Surrey

Surrey Rape - Newton Rally

Barinder Rasode takes the Cake

Newton Crime: Are Judges the Problem?

The Newton Community Meeting was a Farce

Dianne Watts liked a post calling Barinder Rasode a whore

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Red Scorpion fatally stabbed in Abbottsford

New Year Homicide in Surrey

The Vancouver Province nails it

2013 Gang Violence Year in Review

New Years Day: Another Blood Red Sky

Hockey mom asaulted in Surrey has died of injuries

Itemized look at Surrey's 24 homicides (Make that 25)

Surrey Pressure cooker scam goes to court

Agent K's 2013 Christmas Message

Vito Rizzuto dies suddenly at age 67

Itemized look at Surrey's 24 homicides

Robert Pickton claims others were to blame

Kerri Krysko launches KAS Confidential

Silk Road and the Hells Angels

Tee Locasone - Silent World

Christmas without the Nativity

nativity_scene2.JPG (36561 bytes)

Time to strike down the Supreme Court

Court Jester bans Person X's testimony in Surrey Six

Surrey Six witness admits to drinking and flirting with police

Gang Banger turns out to be another Woman Beater

René Charlebois left incriminating video tapes

Another Hells Angels cocaine bust in Ontario

81on.JPG (20674 bytes)

Jonathan Bacon knew Surrey Six details

Canada Post: Putting the lies on the table

Judge issues stop order on NSA surveillance

Snowden document shows Canada set up spy posts for NSA

Japanese Reactor is still leaking radioactive water

Anniversary of Janice Shore's brutal assault

Surrey Six trial is about the Hells Angels

Booze cans and the Hells Angels

Three dark images of murder

Dianne Watt’s new Talk Force

PEI home invasion tied to drugs

Rob Ford poses with Hells Angels

Giving Iran nuclear Weapons is insane

Gangsters out Interview with Kerri Krysko

top20b.JPG (22680 bytes)

Why is Wally Oppal out of jail?

Surrey's 23rd murder of the year

Kelowna Hells Angels president

Ross Ulbricht and the Hells Angels

Hells Angels drug bust in Gatineau

Arrests in Fribjon Bjornson's murder

RCMP pot smoker has uniform seized

Clay Roueche: Balancing the extremes

Surrey Six Trial - Michael Le cops a plea

Glenn Greenwald and the CESC snow job

Dave Pickton faces lawsuit for sexual assault

Japanese reactor is still leaking into the Pacific Ocean

Larry Amero and Shane Maloney busted in Aussie drug ring

Whiteboy Posse member pleads guilty to murder

Hamilton Homicide was ex Hells Angel

Targeted shooting in Drayton Valley

Dusty Blades2.JPG (25337 bytes)

Black Pistons busted in Niagara

Kerri Krysko continues to soar

Johnny Newcome busted again

Rob Ford admits to smoking crack

White House rejects Snowden’s plea

When Stephen Harper ruled the world

Don Lyons convicted of domestic threats

Opposition supports Marc Emery’s prison transfer

Hamilton Cocaine bust tied to the Hells Angels

Calgary Hells Angel charged with extortion

Never an honest word was every heard

Viva La Vida.JPG (13141 bytes)

At least Don Francisco had it right

Prison Transfers and Conditions

Cocaine found in Pumpkins

Another body found in Surrey

rio-de-janeiro-brazil3.JPG (46755 bytes)

Hells Angels helped fix FTQ elections

Brian Joyce enters Judge’s Hall of Shame

Rob Ford crack video is in the hands of the court

Obama approved wire tap of German Chancellor’s phone

Alia Pierini from Prince George returns to drug trafficking

Joey Verma found gulty of the first degree murder of Britney Irving

WANTED: Information about the murder of Janice Shore

REWARD: No money just peace of mind

Download the Poster in PDF

Remembering Janice Shore

Janice-shore3b.JPG (10153 bytes)

The Dark Side of the UN

The Surrey Winterfest has begun

Welcome to the new age. It's the apocalypse.

I'm not going to wait for a hero. This place is gonna blow.

Is Joey Verma really a dead man? - Thanksgiving Truce

fallleaves2.JPG (69323 bytes)

Bribes at Surrey City Hall

Hells Angels raided in Melbourne

Vancouver shooting victim identified

Red Lobsters selling crack in Nanaimo

Coalition warns about online surveillance bill

Reflecting on the homeless in East Vancouver

The Dirty Few MC support the Hells Agnels and Whiteboy Posse

Reporting a muderer to the police is not being a rat. Failing to do so is.

Stop the Greed - Call IHIT: 1 - 877- 551 - 4448

daviegiles21c.JPG (16032 bytes) 

David Revell back in court

Is Joey Verma really a dead man?

Overview of Brittney Irving’s Murder Trial

Accused tells witness to keep his mouth shut

Witness intimidation at the Joey Verma Trial

Canadian Hells Angels busted in Spain

Britney Irving was shot in the back

Stephen Harper Protest in Kelowna

harperinkelowna.JPG (60661 bytes)

Rob Yew on The liquidator

BC Hydro Fraud - Just like Enron

9/11 Memorial Ride at Peace Arch - Pictures

Breaking Bad is a stupid and irresponsible show

René Charlebois escapes from Laval Prison - Found dead

Dirty developers and politicians destroy ALR

Breaking Bad toy crystal meth lab on sale

Syrian Intervention - UBC Rape Chant

Saint Mary’s sexual harassment

saintmarys3.JPG (7038 bytes)

Joey Verma’s murder trial has finally begun

Cocaine seized at Kamloops bus depot

Mike Hadden in Maple Ridge Times

Maple Ridge Shooting

Calgary FOB member flips

The Hells Angels are murderers

GuyRodrigue2b.JPG (19188 bytes)

Fake article in the Montreal Gazette

Cross border police protest at Peace arch

Coquitlam shooting tied to Prince George

Joey Arrance Killed in Coquitlam shooting

Ron Lising gets job with the City of Vancouver

Australia braces for Hells Angels / Rock Machine violence

Sean Wolfe only wants to serve one sixth of his sentence

Lean Back, pull up your pants and throw the rock away

Kerri-On New book by the ex wife of a Hells Angel

Catherine Galliford receives Medal of Courage

Cyber Bullying and the Hells Angels

Surrey Six trial moved to Vancouver

Surrey man facing gun charges

Kelowna shooting victim sues

12 year old selling crack in Winnipeg

Fatal stabbing in Surrey was senseless rage

Air Force Jet brought 24 tons of Cocaine to Miami

Bacchus president pleads guilty to drug trafficking

Boston Mob boss found guilty exposing corruption in FBI

Alberta Sheriff assault: No Charges No Justice

Don Lyons charged with beating girlfriend

NSA heckled for lying - Reexamining 9/11

Pierre Lemaitre found dead of suicide

Rod Sweeney wanted for assault

Defending the Charter of Rights

ccr.JPG (35140 bytes)

Kelowna Teenage Drug Death

Terror Squad tied to the Hells Angels

Police seize 28 kilos of cocaine in Edmonton

Recap and Repercussions of Fast and Furious

How the Liberal Government is Bankrupting BC Hydro

US Police in Canada want exemption from Canadian law

Spotlight on the BC Investment Management Corporation

Nova Scotia Human trafficking tied to Hells Angels

25 Hells Angels arrested for human Trafficking

The sentencing of Laura Szendrei’s murderer

Bill Tieleman questions Surrey bomb plot

Christy Clark screws MMA in BC

The Dark Legacy Continues...

wattsmash.gif (234584 bytes)

Gambling on Godzilla

Guilty pleas in UN murder trial

CSIS is the real enemy from within

Hells Angel president cries in court

Police confirm FK were tied to the UN

Mike Habib’s cars torched in Nova Scotia

Clay Roueche and Pablo Escobar - Coldplay

US Treasury Department lists Israeli drug network

CSIS brings their pressure cooker bullsh*t to Surrey

UN Billy arrested and charged in Kelowna shooting

The Credibility gap of the RCMP and the Media

Outlaws hold annual run in Newfoundland

Canada Day: Reflection on Lost Liberty

This song is for all the undecided

somenights1b.JPG (7037 bytes)

Another Mafia murder in Montreal

Biker threats in Newfoundland

Double Shooting in Montreal

The Big Brother Saga Continues

obamac.JPG (50547 bytes)

RCMP Seize registered guns in Alberta

CSIS was directly involved in the Air India Bombing

Surrey Hindu temple vandalized by Sikhs

Levamisole: Flesh Eating Cocaine

Step right up folks and get your free crack pipe so you don't catch a cold while getting Flesh Eating disease. Harm Reduction is a lie. Helping people smoke or inject poison isn't harm reduction it's harm mass production. Dr. Colin Mangham and Officer John McKay oppose Insite.

jmVPD.jpg (24791 bytes)  Levamisoleear2.JPG (8120 bytes)

Joseph Strachan gets nine years

The murder of Michael Hastings

Tony Pires and LA Embroidery

The Hells Angels and Stock Fraud

Kingpin Crew reported stolen motorcycle

Stephen Harper surrenders Canadian Sovereignty

Dustin Zimmerman, Cliff Montgomery and Glen Hehn

Surrey Trailer Park full of crack and no one cares

Top level drug dealers busted in Victoria

alizig2.JPG (26332 bytes)

Outlaws MC in Newfoundland

Little Ryan is still living small

coal2.JPG (20979 bytes)

Surrey Shirts takes aim at Rob Ford’s crack video

Sylvan Lake shooting linked to Hells Angels puppet club

Hells Angels bringing drug violence to Newfoundland

Ricky Ciarniello and the Devil’s Butler Parade

harley-jesus.JPG (31389 bytes)

Let's give it up for JC and TI. A Ghetto Gospel remix. Like Ja Rule said, let the Ghetto Gospel go forward into every hood possible. Anyone can change. Word.

Bacchus and the Syndicate in Fort McMurray

Langley grow op tied to the Hells Angels

Nanaimo Hells Angel evades justice

The Hells Angels and Stock Fraud

Arthur Porter arrested in Panama

Jimmy Cournoye pleads guilty

Warlocks in Ft McMurray

Coal in China from Surrey

The Outlaws MC in Ontario

Jimmy Cournoye pleads guilty

Arthur Porter arrested in Panama

The Hells Angels and Stock Fraud

New Book about the Pickton Farm

Gang exit program criticized in Denmark

jfk-assassination.jpg (58811 bytes)

BC Government says no to Gateway but Alberta says yes

Prince George brutal sexual assault sets a date for trial

Fish Farms destroy commercial fishing industry

Imperial Metals Protest in Vancouver

The Majesty of Clayoquot Sound

Harper rebrands Environment Canada

Another Fall guy in Hells Angels drug ring

Pivot Legal aiding and abetting the Hells Angels

T Barz becomes Shakerz - The Tapeworm Economy

Get ready for the Environmental Tsunami British Columbia. Make way for Godzilla and the Kool Aid Kid. They’ll pollute Surrey First, next the world. Tax and spend? You haven't seen anything yet.

kak.JPG (7143 bytes)   Godzilla2013b.JPG (12399 bytes)

BC Election results - Dark Times ahead

darkcloud2.JPG (16711 bytes)

For behold the darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the people. The light shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not.

Let's give it up for New York - The New York Model

liberty2.jpg (67437 bytes)

White Rock Hells Angel cocaine trafficking

The BC Election and the Christy Clark Lie

Winnipeg Hells Angel cocaine trafficking

Montreal’s mob war expands to Sicily

Graham Fuller and the Boston bombing

Family of Pickton victims sue for damages

White Rock shooting victim tied to drug trade

Trucker in Hells Angels drug ring gets 12 years

Mission Grow Ops tied to the Hells Angels

Haney Shooting - Highway Robbery

CFSEU’s new Anti Gang Web Site

Trevor Aaronson: The Terror Factory

Remembering Rob and Cindy Stanley

The BC Election and the Christy Clark Lie

White Rock shooting victim tied to drug trade

Police murder unarmed man on his own property

Sergeant in Surrey Six investigation charged with theft

Winnipeg Hells Angel sentenced for cocaine trafficking

White Rock Hells Angels pleads guilty to cocaine trafficking

Misconceptions: A Free Ebook by Gangsters Out

Surrey First slate hijacks provincial candidacies

Ottawa passes controversial terror bill

So this is how liberty dies...

libertydies3b.JPG (7595 bytes)

Brittney Irving - The End of the Kingpin Crew

Vandu feeds the gang war through drug promotion

Merrit RCMP Chief pleads guilty to stealing cocaine

David Bishop sentenced for drug trafficking in Halifax prison

31 Quebec Hells Angels freed due to court delays

Nic Nero and the murder of Johnnie Raposo

Surrey Council re votes Gateway Casino bid

WBP murder trial - Rock Machine’s SS Elite

Rabih Alkhalil suspect in Wall Centre shooting

BC Liberals fake pre election budget

The Failure of Harm Reduction

Brittney Irving - April 6th 2010

The Dark Side of Insite

Dr. Colin Mangham on Insite

Tax dollars paying for free Heroin

The Predatory nature of drug dealers

The Bacon Brothers are Notoriously Wacked

Ministry criminally liable in Prince George rape

Surrey Pump and Dump scam goes International

Prince George sexual asault tied to drugs and guess who

glenmoney3bc.JPG (27060 bytes)

Gang related kidnappings tied to the Hells Angels

Sex trade worker beaten, tied up and dragged by van

suspectsvan34.JPG (14660 bytes)

Update on the Surrey Six trial

Mike Habib in Nova Scotia

JJ Truscott is out of his mind

The rise and fall of Preston Manning

Surrey Shirts banned from Surrey Place Mall

Metro Vancouver should end garbage incineration: study

Stop the Incinerator - Newfoundland is phasing them out

gordoman3bb.JPG (18583 bytes)

We'll pollute Surrey First, Next the World: Go Godzilla

Two more bodies dumped on Colebrook Road

Quebec helicopter jail break tied to the Hells Angels

Hells Angel charged with failing to register as a sex offender

Surrey Liberals skip nomination and election

Public denied entrance to Surrey Six trial

Kingpin Crew established as a criminal organization

Dain Philips murder trial and the Surrey Six under way

Larry Amero associate charged with murder in Toronto

Whiteboy Posse involved in Alberta Courthouse shooting

Arrest warrant issued for former CSIS Watchdog

The Red Scorpion Butterfly Queen

Hells Angels meth cook in the news

Dead body found in Langley Grow op

Kelowna Hells Angel back in court for assault

The official version of the Amero Bacon shooting

Vancouver New Zealand Crystal Meth Ring busted

Ramifications of the Bacon Amero shooting

Charges in the Larry Amero shooting

Another murder in Surrey - Update

Double Homicide in Kelowna

Bullies picket East Vancouver Restaurant

Woman brutally raped for drug debt dies of injuries

Calgary Hells Angels charged in stolen car ring

Hells Angels selling crystal meth in SC

Guns and drugs seized in Saskatoon

Hells Angel triple murder case

Bad Treaty in Parliament

Human rights report accuses RCMP of rape

David Giles claims his friendship is for sale

Ricky Ciarniello and the Devil’s Butler

Ricky Ciarniello Devils Butler.JPG (38727 bytes)

BC crack in Saskatoon

Old photo of David Giles

The Dismantling of the UN

Lindsey Bruno wanted for murder

Kelowna Pinheads relocate near school

Kelowna Pinheads abandon Fruit stand

Bullies First in Surrey City Hall - Godzilla lied

Regional sales tax: Time for some new Mayors

Hell Angel Associate found guilty of Thompson murder

The Hells Angels are here:

The Surrey Gang War has begun

bettersafethansurrey2b.JPG (10309 bytes)

Eric Sandberg told Agent 22 they were

ready to wipe out all the competition in Surrey.

It all began at Vancouver Christmas 1995

East Van sword attack & Surrey’s fifth murder

Ron Emerson on the cover of the Georgia Straight

The Campbellism of Agricultural Reserves

Alex Caine's new book about the Outlaws

7 People charged in Prince George brutal assault

More local shootings - BC Bud in the Big Apple

4 people shot at Longshoreman Meeting

Surrey Rejects Mega Casino

The Surrey Urban Mission still needs a new home

Campbell Heights: The epicenter of money laundering

Hells Angels associate shot in Montreal

6 charged in Prince George brutal assault

Bacchus’ three stooges face criminal org charges

Surrey Judge over turns gun related minimum sentence

pitbull_back-in-timemib32.JPG (18973 bytes)

"To understand the future, we have to go back in time."


Skeletor's First Stolen Motorcycle

The 2012 Political meltdown

2012 Gang War in Review

Einstein-1.jpg (38249 bytes)

Surrey’s new Casino Megatropolis

City of Surrey evicts homeless shelter

Skidmark and Skeletor

jbskidmark2b.JPG (10904 bytes)

Brutal assault in Surrey for a drug debt

More guns and news from Fast and Furious

Whiteboys posse members charged with murder

Three Cheers for the Po Po - Johnny Newcome Busted

Kelowna Hells Angels tied to stolen car ring

13 Hells Angels plead guilty to murder

David Giles - BUSTED

gskel.gif (62311 bytes)

Opium production in Afghanistan hits record levels

graph2.JPG (20841 bytes)










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Zen in the Martial Arts

Bruce Lee and Yip Man

Confucius's Five Virtues

Kingdom of Conscience

Mother of Argentina

Canadian Values

Mother Teresa

Good Friday




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The Angels (Fiction)

The Road to Hell


Fallen Angel

Hell to Pay