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I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind." From the Canadian Bill of Rights, July 1, 1960

Spotlight on the Whiteboy Posse

Silk Road RCMP Agent Speaks Out

Hells Angels Associates busted in Manitoba

Robert Widdifield convicted of theft and extortion

Alleged Members of La Familia arrested in Edmonton

eBook launched on anniversary of Gary Webb's murder

Canada arms China's submarines with nuclear missiles

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Hells Angels associates stabbed at Shakerz

The healthy man does not torture others

Lies the Hells Angels keep telling

Forced Prostitution in Surrey

Montreal Mob Murder

Martin Couture-Rouleau

TBM Fresh Start in Norway

Double stabbing at Shakerz (Tbarz)

Biker shootout caught on video in Holland

Anniversary of Janice Shore's brutal assault

White Rock Woman kidnapped by ISIS - Not

Drayton Valley Drug Bust tied to the Dirty Few

Costs of Surrey's Ivory Tower continue to Balloon

Ontario Hells Angel sentenced for drugs and guns

More Fast and Furious Documents Released

Translink Referendum - Pork Barrel politics

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Prescription Heroin in Vancouver is illegal

TBM Fresh Start expands into Canada

Hamilton Red Devils become Bacchus

Heretics drug bust in Regina

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The day the dream died

Surrey Field of Screams

Assault on sex trade workers

Newton Stabbing and Shooting

Agent K interview on The Plane Truth

Charges in the Morgan Crossing Murder

Hells Angels implicated in Silk Road Indictment

Blogger's murder opens Pandora's Box

Mexican Cartel Murdered Blogger

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Inspiration from Felina - Memorial

Larry Mizen found dead - Update

Tony Terezakis' son makes movie

Exporting Fresh Water for Fracking

Lethal injection kits produce 31 overdoses

Saskatoon Hells Angel uttered threats on camera

Saanich drug bust tied to Vancovuer gang - again

Bacchus busted again - Dirty Few member Busted

Hells Angels lose Ontario Liquor Licence Appeal

Bacon accused of ordering hit on Karbovanec

The October Surprise - Outlaws in Saskatoon

Ottawa Shooting and CSIS Corruption

Soviet Criminal Act vs US Patriot Act

New Movie about the Gary Webb Story

New Documentary about Freeway Ricky's Role

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What the Canadian Charter of Rights really does say

Calgary Hells Angels implicated in another fraud

Two Convictions in the Surrey Six Murder

Mexico captures Juarez Cartel chief

RCMP and CSIS profile terrorists

Natural Gas and Fracking

Clifford Montgomery Convicted

Media Profits and the Freedom of the Press

NPA candidate opposes garbage incinerator

Hong Kong Protest supported in Vancouver

Joseph Skreptak guilty of weapon offences

Hells Angels swarm and bully Lethbridge

Crystal meth dealer shot dead in Calgary

Surrey Residents Rally Against Crime

Misconceptions: eBook on Kindle

The cost of CSEC's illegal spying

Tiananmen Square Massacre

Harper cuts off debate over online spying

Hong Kong protest restrictions on Democracy:

Are we going to send troops to Hong Kong to help their fight for freedom or are we just going to perpetuate the lie?

In Defense of the Free Republic

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Australian police murdered an innocent man

Fast and Furious - Eric Holder resigns

John Dodson on Fast and Furious

Interview with Michael Green

Police State or Clown Sate

The Summit of Golden Ears

Joseph Bruce Skreptak is a liar

TBM Fresh Starts sports new logo

Estevan police seize date-rape drug

Donald (Pup) Stockford makes parole

Boeing is Good - Lockheed Martin is Bad

Is Bob Cheema trying to buy Doug McCallum?

Two Canadians charged in Australian drug bust

The Nugan Hand bank and the CIA's drugs

Australia tastes it's first false flag

Reexamining 9/11 - Engineers

Fast and Furious Front and Centre

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Mission Drug Lab run by Motorcycle Gang

Hells Angels Criminal Organization Case

Hells Angels kicked out of Lethbridge

Journalist beheading video is surreal

The Lions Howe Sound Crest Trail

Whalley Legion Under Siege

180 ways to say Hells Angels

Overview of the Vancouver Gang War

Chuck Zito says he'd beat his gilfriend too

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Alex Caine releses new book: Angel Dust

Christy Clark cuts Gang Task Force budget

Judge Orders DOJ to Release Fast and Furious Documents

Oil tankers navigating the Douglas channel is Pure Madness

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Ucluelet Mining Disaster goes unoticed

Calgary Gang Associate killed in BC

Remembering Fukushima - It's still leaking

Chilliwack shooting suspect: Arrest Warrant Issued

Imperial Metals faces the wrong class action

Imperial Metals Update: Stop the Lies

Environmental disaster at Mount Polley Mine

First ever wife of a Hells Angel to break her true story

Drug Overdose at Boonstock Music Festival

Two dead in Chilliwack shooting

Montreal gang leader shot dead

Religion in the modern world

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2 kilos of cocaine sized from the 856

Hells Angel Sylvain Tétreault arrested

Red Scorpion arrested in Alberta

Janet Merlo - Life in the RCMP

Granite Falls Deep Cove

Texas cops on the take

Surf's up on Mount Baker

Gang Task force in Kelowna

Outlaw Bikers: Angels Descending

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Jimmy Cournoyer will be sentenced in August

Reflecting on the violence in Gaza and the Ukraine

The Next Mayor of Surrey: Crime and Corruption

Fatal stabbing outside the Front Room

Katy Hutchison speaks in Surrey

The Deception is well Funded

Surrey Trailer Park Shooting

Shooting in Surrey Drug House

Domestic Assault turns to Murder

Two cars shooting at each other in Surrey

Suspicious death at the Pemberton Music Festival

Philip Babajko and the Naiwa Rebels break into Ontario

Cocaine conviction in St. John's Newfoundland tied to BC

RCMP shoot unarmed man at Baseball game

Canada Day bomb fraud exposed again

CSIS did Air India: Charge Them

Pot stores open in Washington

THC vs CBD - Fact vs Fiction

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RCMP Spokesman faces second lawsuit

Cost to run Surrey soars in 2013

Surrey Memorial Hospital Scam

Chilliwack Homicide Identified

Surrey Bomb Fraud goes to Trial

Surrey Six Trial Closing Arguments

Chilliwack Street filled with drugs and crime

Dave Revell's son arrested in Alberta drug bust

Outlaws in Saskatoon, Hells Angels visit Fort McMurray

Doug McCallum enters race to save us from Surrey's Worst

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Sarkozy detained in French corruption probe

Ron Paul: Neo Cons are not Conservatives

The Boeing Super Hornet is a better choice

Boeing is Good - Lockheed Martin is Bad

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Canada Day: Where do we stand?

Interview with Kerri Krysko’s Nanny

Doug McCallum considers saving Surrey

Finian Commission: Diane Rock Vince McMurchy

Another associate of Jesse Haddan dies of suicide

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Surrey's Worst pick new candidate for Mayor

Another shooting in East Vancovuer

No public safety concerns in Surrey

Arrest made in Surrey Murder

Shooting at Brentwood Mall

Drive by Shooting in Surrey

Surrey Shootings - Clayton Heights, Whiterock, Whalley

Catherine Galliford and Grant Wakefield are Cousins

Gang related drive by shootings East Vancouver

Hells Angels Associate faces weapons charges

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VPD Issue Warning about Bad Heroin

Another stabbing at Oppenheimer Park

Large Pot and Heroin bust in Edmonton

Larry Mizen: Surrey's most violent prolific offender

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Operation Fast and Furious is a bigger scam than Watergate

25th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square massacre

The Hells Angels control of street Prostitution

Hells Angels control of the Sex Trade

Larry Mizen's criminal history

The Making of a Predator

Bacchus in the news

The Chronicles of Doc Riddoch

Jim Brown's Disciplinary Hearing

Edward Snowden's NBC Interview

Police abandon Public Access in the DTES

Outlaw Associate busted in Newfoundland

Ontario drug ring linked to Mennonites

Found: One Good BC Criminal Judge

Another BC Judge Breaks the Law

A look at Crack and Crime

I still Believe in the New York Model

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Abbotsford tests the New York Model

Police crack Hells Angels BlackBerries

Finian Commission uncovers Pickton case

Diane Rock story blows lid off Pickton cover up

Anthony Terezakis and Piggy's Palace

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Rizzuto Associate Sentenced to 10 Years

Hells Angels Associates busted in Saanich

Hells Angels and Red Devils busted in Quebec

Colin Martin ordered extradited

Crack Cures Cancer

Misconceptions about Pot

George Wolsey scams Surrey

When the Rebel Yells - Rebel MC eyes BC

Bill C-13 violates the Canadian Charter of Rights

Stephen Harper vs the Supreme Court of Canada

Peace in Northern Ireland - Gerry Adams on Trial

Nanaimo Hells Angel going back to Court

Rob Ford smoking crack on video again

Law Society violates Charter of Rights

Calgary Hells Angel busted in Ontario

RCMP sued for sexual assault

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Surrey Stabbing Suspects Wanted

Edmonton Hells Angels targeted by Police

James Riach Search Warrant Appeal

Langley Ecstasy Lab Bust

US Incarceration Rate

Mom Boucher's Status

Pot causes Brain Damage

The Canadian Gas Pump Scam

White Boy Posse trial underway

Turmoil in the Ukraine - Good Friday

Transit cop disciplined for posting racy pictures

Kelowna's most wanted - Finian's Paradise

Women the Hells Angels have murdered

The Hells Agnels exploit the Homeless

Be advised that Surrey is Free

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Surrey's new city hall is a waste of money

John Nuttall and Amanda Korody were set up

john-nuttall.jpg (50218 bytes)

Someone gave them the pressure cookers. They had no idea how to make bombs out of them. They were found with food in them. The Canada Day bomb plot was a lie. They were charged March 2nd 2013. There is no motive. Even Bill Tieleman questions the Surrey bomb plot.

Paying a drug addict $250,000 and a new BMW to fire Stinger surface-to-air missiles at U.S. military planes doesn't mean you saved the world from a terrorist. It means you used tax dollars to create one. Losing $1.5 billion tax dollars a year from your budget is terrorism. Protect civil liberty.

Surrey Barn Grow op fire tied the the Hells Angels

Can Mike Farnworth fix the BC Hydro Fraud?

Jamie Bacon and Person Y in the Surrey Six

Pickton settlement shuts down inquiry

East Vancouver Drug Den Seized

Calgary Hells Angels Grow Op

The Beat Goes On

Claymore_2e.JPG (3411 bytes)

Time for a Fresh Start

Yo bro just live your life

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

The Redmption of Alia Pierini

Person Y Testifies at Surrey Six Trial

In Memory of Janice Shore, Ashley Machiskinic and Bob Roth

Candle2.JPG (4160 bytes)Janice-shore3b.JPG (10930 bytes)   ashleynicole.JPG (16187 bytes)Candle3.JPG (3894 bytes)

First Nation Elders Fast for Janice [Video]

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rdpoppy2.JPG (5319 bytes) Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders Fields.  by John McCrae
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