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The Finian Commission uncovers the Pickton cover up

In Support of the Drums of Jericho


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The Diane Rock story has blown the lid off of the Pickton cover up. Right when the UN has called on Canada to deal with the huge number of missing and murdered aboriginal women which has triggered demonstrations across the country. However, it's not just aboriginal women and it's young men too. Many of the murders are drug related. This is a huge problem that needs to be addressed.

Wally Oppal should be in jail for accessory to murder and for welfare fraud. He was commissioned to hold a public inquiry into the missing women of Vancouver's Downtown East Side. He did not do that. As soon as evidence was submitted that pointed to other suspects in addition to Robert Pickton, he shut down the public inquiry and turned it into a Panel discussion. That way he was able to control what evidence was submitted and ban everything that involved the Hells Angels or any other suspects.

Since Wally Oppal didn't fulfill his commission, he needs to return those tax dollars and a real public inquiry needs to be held. One that doesn't ban crucial evidence. Since the Diane Rock story clearly implicates other suspects a missing woman inquiry must be mandated to look at the evidence that points to other suspects beginning with the Diane Rock story. In response to the valid concerns expressed by the UN, there needs to be a commission set up to investigate the matter properly not sweep it under the carpet like Wally Oppal did.

A commission where Bob Paulson can testify to what he personally knows about the Diane Rock story that has been hid from the public for far too long. A Commission where all the banned evidence and all the banned witnesses may testify. A commission where the police have one lawyer just like everyone else, not a dozen. The Diane Rock story cries out for a new Commission on this outrageous cover up.

UN calls for a National Inquiry. Harper says No. Public demonstrates. Finian Commission begins...

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