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Peter Leask Strikes Again

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Catherine Bruce Achieves Sainthood

Two-thirds of Candains back electing judges

The Public’s Right To Criticize Judges by Wallace Craig

Here’s the problem: Judges are not accountable at all. The only way a judge can lose his cushy job is if he dies, is convicted of something serious, or has too many appeals. The third represents the problem. If the only way a judge can get removed is if he has too many appeals, then they water down their decisions so they won’t get appealed. That is nonsense. The result is the continued erosion of justice until it no longer exists and is but a whisper of a forgotten dream.

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Hope on the Horizon: A Leask Decision gets overturned

Peter Leask should be hanged for Treason

Brian Joyce enters Judge’s Hall of Shame

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Judge Edmund Cronin enters the BC Judges Hall of Shame

pl2.jpg (6985 bytes) Peter Leask Court Judge British Columbia This swearing judge has a history of bad judgement. That continues.
ronsk2.JPG (5815 bytes) Ron Skolrood Court Judge British Columbia This guy opposes proceeds of crime legislation. He dropped the ball over reaching a contract and enforced clauses that weren't agreed to thus throwing away the Charter of Rights. He's another Peter Leask in disguise and has made me completely lose any faith I had left in the BC Judicial system.
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Brian Joyce

Court Judge British Columbia This clown who was caught impersonating a Supreme Court judge  threw out life threatening evidence despite the fact the police obtained a search warrant to discover it. He should be fired.
noose-1b.JPG (5424 bytes) Maureen Forestell Court Judge Ontario This tool of treason returned the Hells Angels intimidation gear in Toronto and in so doing supported murder, torture, and decapitation. She is sitting on the wrong side of the bench.
donald2.jpg (140162 bytes) Donald Gardiner Court Judge British Columbia This quack let the Bacon brothers go free after the police seized drugs, a machine gun, pistols, silencers and cash. He claimed the police didn't have grounds to get the search warrant. They got a search warrant. He over ruled the search warrant. That's criminal.
shutupbc.JPG (4187 bytes) Anne MacKenzie Court Judge British Columbia It is Anne Injustice to give Hells Angels gag orders when they commit a crime just because they are Hells Angels.
ramsay-david.jpg (4744 bytes) David Ramsay Court Judge British Columbia A former judge in Prince George plead guilty to five charges, including sexual assault causing bodily harm, and obtaining sexual services from someone under age 18. Died in prison.

bourbonnais-yves2.JPG (2795 bytes) Yves Bourbonnais Court Judge Quebec This Canadain Immigration judge was sentenced to six years in prison for accepting bribes. 10 others were also charged.

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Steve Ellis

Court Judge

Another immigration judge bites the dust. This one was caught on video soliciting sex for favors in an immigration application. 

Anne MacKenzie makes the Crooked in Canada List

Publication ban in the Merrit Murders

Was this to protect the murderer or the judge

who let him out on bail to commit the murders?

What are our judges smoking?

Contact your MP in Canada

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