Unsolved Murders

I'm not saying the Hells Angels are responsible for all of the murders, nor am I saying the Hells Angels are suspects in each of these murders. All I'm saying is that the Hells Angels to some extent, directly or indirectly have been involved in each of these victims lives. These are unsolved murders. Reporting a murder to the police is not being a rat. Turning the other way is.



Lindsay Buziak

Murdered Feb. 2, 2008


Lindsey was a realtor on Vancouver Island who was murdered in a targeted hit while showing a couple a home. Six weeks prior she had met an old friend in Calgary. That old friend was subsequently arrested in Alberta's largest cocaine bust. Lindsey was murdered days after his arrest.

Guthrie McKay and Lisa Dudley

Murdered September 2008

Hells Angels were said to have attend their children's fundraiser in 2009.

Rusty and Ellen Hall

Murdered February 26 2010

Despite the fact that Hells Angels attended their funeral, rumors have circulated about Jeff Lynds being someone involved in their murder after he confessed to murdering Randy Mersereau and involvement in Randy's brother and sister in laws murder.
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Barry  Mersereau

and Nancy Christians

Murdered September 10, 2000

Hells Angel Jeff Lynds confessed to murdering Barry's brother Randy with a gun provided by the Hells Angels.  Murdering family members seems to be a pattern "they" follow.


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Eugene and Michele Uyeyama

Murdered December 1995

Eugene Uyeyama was a police informant. He was murdered in his home along with his wife days before Christmas 1995 after a large cocaine bust involving the Hells Angels. The hitman was instructed to murder his co accused at the scene.
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Brittany Irving

Missing since April 6 2010

Found dead May 25 2010

Brittany sold pot to support her oxy habit. She knew Hells Angels associates. Joey Verma has been charged in her murder and was an associate of the Hells angels and Dale Habib.
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Geoff Meisner

Missing since Nov  27 2009

Declared dead Nov 2010

Recent court documents shows Geoff was connected to the Hells Angels and Dale Habib's King Pin Crew. After Brittany Irving's body was found, police announced Geoff's death was drug related.


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Natasha Dostal

Died February 2006

This death was not related to the Hells Angels other than the fact that is was another drug related death in Dawson Creek.Many claim the Hells Angels are involved with he drug related violence in Dawson Creek just like the police claim they are in Prince George. Natasha was burned just like Thomas Willcocks was.
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Stephanie Lange

Last seen January 1997

Stephanie Lange's death was not tied to the Hells Angels other than the fact that she was a stripper from one of their clubs, the Orange Number 5. Her DNA was found on the Pickton farm.
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Ashley Machiskinic

Murdered  Sept 15 2010

Activists from the DTES rallied when Ashley's death was treated as a suicide. They claim she was thrown out of a hotel window by a drug dealer over a drug debt. They claim she wasn't the only one. Who controls the drugs in East Van?
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Paul Percy Soluk

Murdered 1999

Percy's death was directly tied to the Hells Angels. Hit man Mic Phil Smith admitted to murdering him for the East Vancouver Hells Angels at a crack house in Surrey yet the Hells Angels were never tried for the murder.
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Ken Yaretz and Damien Marks

Missing since April 17, 2009

Dead bodies found May 27, 2009

Ken had ties to the Independent Soldiers as did Don Lyons who supplied the Kelowna Hells agnels vice president with cociane.

Roy Frederick Fraser, the person charged with their murder, had been growing pot in two out-buildings on the property. Neighbours claimed they had been under the impression it was a Hells Angels grow op.

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Juel Stanton

Murdered August 12 2010

Former long time member of the Vancouver Hells Angels murdered not by a rival.


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William Moore

Murdered March 2005

Former president of the Renegades, a Hells Angels puppet club in Prince George. Shot dead and his home was set on fire after he unknowingly got involved with a police informant.
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Cedric Baxter Smith

Missing since June 17 2008

Cedric A full-patch member of the Vancouver Hells Angels who unknowingly introduced a police informant to the group. He was William Moore's co accused.
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Darwin Sylvester

missing since 1998

Here's a cold case from Winnipeg. Darwin Sylvester has been missing since 1998. Darwin was with the Spartans hoping to become Hells Angels but it never happened. Another sad saga of drug trafficking and betrayal all for the almighty dollar.
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Linda Joyce Fredin

Died Dec 3 2010


Joey Arrance's girlfriend's mother. Murdered when they burned her house down with her inside after they burned down Joey's tattoo shop.


There are over 6,000 unsolved murders in the US every year, and any Columbus gun crime lawyer would agree that those numbers are on the rise.

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