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Update: Airstrike- The city of Kharkiv has a bio lab in it.

I want to make a few observations then focus on something positive because all the lies and negativity are really toxic. Everyone who watched, participated and supported the Freedom Convoy in Canada saw how the media obsessively misrepresented everything about it. It was an eye opener for everyone. It forced people to ask, if the media lied about that, what else have they lied about? The lockdown protests are nothing new. They have been going on since day one.

Yet the Truckers Convoy came at a pivotal time when people saw for themselves how the media completely misrepresented Omicron. We can argue about Covid until the cows come home but there is nothing to argue about when it comes to Omicron. They said Omicron was going to be worse and it wasn't. It was less than the seasonal flu. Medical doctors said Omicron was the vaccine the pharmaceutical companies couldn't make. Even Bill Gates admitted that. So locking down over Omicron was a criminal act. Forcing people to get booster shots that don't work for a virus that doesn't matter is complete insanity. We're still wearing masks. That's ridiculous. Masks for Omicron are the hallmark of stupidity. The pharmaceutical agenda is off the hook.

Today at work, Global fake news came on in the lunchroom and they were going off about protesters in Vancouver over the Ukrainian war. They said thousands were in attendance. That's possible. They probably inflated the numbers like they always do but a lot of people don't understand what's going on. The thing that struck me was the day before there was a mandate protest in Vancouver and thousands were in attendance. Not a word about that from Global. Global has completely been misrepresenting the ongoing mandate protests from day one despite their favorable coverage of the ANTIFA riots, pipeline protests and climate change.

So now the mainstream media is obsessively misrepresenting the situation in the Ukraine and that makes me suspicious. It makes me wonder what's really going on there. BTW I don't trust Fox News. Fox News promoted the globalist Republicans who are in bed with Communist China like Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney who are also making money off the Ukraine.

Peter Schweizer wrote an excellent book called Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends. It is worth reading. Not a word about that on Fox News. There are a lot of American politicians and their sons who are making a lot of money off of the Ukraine. That needs to be looked into.
On top of that, not a word on Fox News about the US Bio labs in the Ukraine. Not a word. Great Game India covered it. None of the mainstream media outlets are mentioning it but neither is Fox News. Ask yourself why. We have a list of at least 8 biolabs in the Ukraine. Why on earth do they need that many? Why on earth do they need any? That bio lab thing is tied to the Wuhan lab and the World Health Organization which Joe Biden and his son are deeply connected to.

Today I saw a headline claiming there was a Russian airstrike in one of the Ukrainian cities. I recognized the name of the city from the list of bio labs and said wait a minute. What was the address of that air strike? Was it the same address as the lab?
On Sunday Chrystia Freeland was posing for pictures with Ukrainian protesters holding extremist banners while no one from Justin Trudeau's government would give the truckers in their own country the time of day. That is really offensive. Justin Trudeau's clueless clones are still making ridiculous and offensive lies about the truckers to justify their use of violence against peaceful protesters here in Canada. It makes any claims of standing against authoritarianism absurd and it makes me wonder what's really going on. Trudeau’s Actions Against Truckers Exposed Great Reset Plan For Entire World.

I knew a German girl who had some ancestors from the Ukraine. Her Ukrainian ancestors were German. They fled Hitler in Germany only to encounter Stalin in the Ukraine. Bad luck. We've had several people from Romania speak to our freedom rallies rightfully warning about Communism. Poland has it right. It's not a struggle of Communism versus Fascism. Both are bad. Poland is Anti Fascist and Anti Communist for good reason. They have been screwed over by both.

I just want to pause and conclude with two things. The Ukrainian culture is wonderful. It is separate and distinct from Russians culture. Both have every right to exist. Western Ukraine has a majority of Ukrainian speaking inhabitants while Eastern Ukraine has a majority of Russian speaking inhabitants. The ideal would be to coexist in peace however, that may not be possible due to NATO. Building a dam and cutting off 90% of the fresh water to Crimea was an act of war. Bombing the Donbas is war. We have to recognize that.

If Eastern Ukraine wants their freedom let them have it. If Western Ukraine wants their freedom let them have it. My concern is that all these bio labs should not exist. Regardless of anything, that needs to be addressed. I don't trust the media. I don't trust Fox News and I don't trust Mitch McConnel or Mitt Romney. Ezra Taft Benson was a patriot. Mitt Romney is not.

Update: As I thought, the tank that ran over a civilian's car was not a Russian tank.

It was being reported that 13 heroic Ukrainian soldiers were confronted by a Russian warship on Snake Island. They told the Russians, "Go f*ck yourself!" and fought valiantly until they were all killed.

It turns out, there were 82 men, and there was no battle; they all survived.

— The Vigilant Fox 🦊 (@VigilantFox) March 1, 2022

Update on the Ukraine - the Coal War has now begun

What is this War Really About? By Dr Vernon Coleman: "Is it all merely a distraction, deliberately manipulated and designed to stop us seeing what is happening with digital passports, covid jabs and all the other horrors conceived by the conspirators? It certainly seems as though the West deliberately pushed Putin into taking action against Ukraine. The threat of NATO approval for Ukraine appears to have been used to trigger Putin into action."

29:00 of this UK Column video shows a reporter on the ground contradicting the narrative..


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