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At around 2:45 pm this afternoon; 3 men were shot with 1 being pronounced dead at the scene (body bag pictured below).

The men had allegedly been playing soft ball and were shot in the parking lot.

Law enforcement are acting quick as they’re familiar with this recurring theme. No names yet - and no its not Sam Gill.

Suspect was allegedly driving a Mercedes AMG, completely blacked out window, 5 % all around. (vehicle engulfed in flames but no footage as of yet)

Looks like a x5 was the victims car, 2010 model and up.

Residents in the area are being told to stay INSIDE as the incident is looking like an active shooter on the loose.

No concern for public safety as of now.

WE WILL CONTINUOUSLY BE UPDATING - SO CHECK BACK AS WE GET MORE FOOTAGE AND NEWS. We won’t be first to the punch here; resources way too limited.


Harbir Khosa aka Too Short was the original victim to have been gunned down, with Jordan Krishna being the other victim who was confirmed to be dead after he succumbed to his injuries. Unsure who the 3rd man is, still fighting for his life.

Khosa is very well known to law enforcement and has quite the wrap sheet in terms of his criminal resume. Harbir was last working with Gary Kang and the Red scorpions but did have ties to the UN guys, originally.

Here’s an article dating back to 2015, where Too Short was charged alongside his brothers at the time who were none other than the Samra brothers and Shakiel basra (un demons).

It’s clear that he was doing his own thing and the other victim in Jordan was working under Khosa. Some say he was recently aligned to the Wolfpack guys… MORE TO COME

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