Dustin Lafortune and Dustin Paxton timeline

Someone sent me this trying to piece together the facts amidst all the drama.You'll note that the facts are coming from Lindsey.


?2000? the last time Dustin saw his mom. Mom moved away and left Dustin OR Dustin didn't want to go and mom left him.

2002 - Danny Tokarchuk stays with Ryan Lafortune at his home for 2 nights around the time of the murder of Trevor Savoie. Danny Tokarchuk murdered Trevor Savoie ***May 12, 2002***. Dustin was living with Ryan at this time.

?2003? - Aurora born (Dustin and Lindsay's daughter) Lindsay says they stayed as a couple for 6 months to a year.

2003 (***May 12***) - Kevin Tokarchuk murdered - revenge murder one year to the day of Trevor Savoie's murder by Danny Tokarchuk.

2004-Lindsay and Dustin broke up but Dustin stayed on for 2 more years according to Lindsay because he had no other place to go. The relationship was platonic.
- Lindsay thinks this is around the last time Dustin saw his eldest brother Ryan.

2004 (?Nov 1?) - Danny Tokarchuk trial- Dustin has a small role as a witness.

2005- (dates approximate based on Lindsay's sketchy timeline) Dustin with Sabrina (until he left for Calgary 2009)

2006'ish - Lindsay claimed that after Dustin moved out from her house, Dustin lived with a friend of hers again because he had no place to go.

2006/2007 - Lindsay thinks this is about the last time Dustin saw his brother Rogi.

2007-2009 - big IF on those dates. Paxton on 2007 Most Wanted list with outstanding warrants. Lindsay believes Paxton left Winnipeg to go to Calgary due to outstanding warrants and then Dustin followed him once he broke up with Sabrina ?2009? Here is Lindsay's quote: "Lindsay Airhart GANGSTERS: Paxton left Winnipeg b/c he had a warrant here if you can find it he was in the paper in 2007 as a most wanted.... Dustin left after him and his gf of 5 years split up."

2009 (April) - The last time Lynn Ness saw Dustin according to Lindsay: "Lindsay Airhart exactly Carolyn why didn't Lynn know he was missing the last time she saw Dustin was April 09....no she didn't come out to Calgary "

2009 (July or August...waffles between the two) Photo of Dustin with daughter looking about ?160lbs?
-one member asked about Dustin's cauliflower ears and Lindsay replied "Lindsay Airhart Paul: no he was not trained in any martial arts.........THIS IS GOING TO SOUND STUPID AND DO NOT BELIEVE FOR ONE SECOND I BOUGHT THIS STORY: the ear injury I was told happened when moving a pizza oven and some how his head got caught between it and the counter or something hard like that.......... yeah right a theory someone close to me said was doesn't it look like someone put his head in a vice..... once again he stuck to that story"
-July '09 this person contacts someone who contacts Lindsay to say: ""Melissa Costea I don't know Dustin personally but he did a move for me end of July 09 and at that time he had a black eye (may not be connected to anything) anyways he said he was a boxer and his helper confirmed that he was. May have been a cover up but he was very quiet and shy and realistically nobody imagines that these things happen so maybe there were red flags but to me he appeared to be a very polite nice guy so not everyone would jump to the conclusion of him being mistreated. I hope you get better soon Dustin...you are a great guy"

2009 (Sept 26'ish according to Lindsay) - Dustin admitted to hospital with multiple injuries and brain damage
-admitted as a "mugging" but told Lindsay that it was a commercial fridge that fell on Dustin while moving it.
-Lindsay arrives to Calgary, (" I was actually in Calgary from about oct 5 to nov 15 . Dustin was admitted to Calgary hospt on the 26th of sept I could be wrong on that exact date but pretty close. ") stays with Paxton, sleeps with him, doesn't notice any strange behaviors on the part of Paxton.

2009 (Sept 26'ish - Nov 4th?) Dustin in Regina hospital, surgeries to right eye orbit, bowel and lung. Also has broken ribs. Lindsay states she did not know at the time that there were more injuries. Paxton listed as "next of kin" and told admissions that it was a "mugging" which happened on "the Red Mile". He supposedly told admissions this because he didn't carry Workmans Comp on the moving business so both Dustins agreed on the fake "mugging" story to cover up for it. Lindsay was told the work accident story as well as the lie about the mugging.

2009 (Nov 2 still in hospital) Dustin has Lindsay PM his mom through Facebook. He gives her the hospital number and asks her to call him asap. She messages back and forth 2 or 3 times but never calls.

2009 (Nov 4? Lindsay not sure) -Dustin discharged from hospital 130 lbs and Lindsay notices changes in DP including ordering him to his room, telling Lindsay to babysit him b/c he can't load the fridge correctly, possibly this is when Dustin told Lindsay that he was only getting one meal a day (not confirmed)
-While at the house Lindsay says she slept with Paxton but Dustin would not have been bothered by this as they have been separated on living separate lives for years often being friends with each others new partners.
- when asked if Lindsay noticed any of the brain damage later reported by Calgary Hospital Lindsay stated: "Lindsay Airhart he was a bit slower physically but I didn't notice him being mentally slower."
-while still at the house Lindsay recalls: "Lindsay Airhart im not sure if this will hurt the investigation but I don't think it will..... when I was there I witnessed Paxton send Dustin to his room he said get out of my face go to your room and Dustin went............ Dustin put away groceries and Paxton asked me to babysit him and tell him where the groceries went in the fridge... he was mad b/c Dustin had lived with him for long enough to know where the stuff went June 2 at 10:18pm "

2009 (Nov 4+ after discharge) - When asked about Dustin's physical and emotional wellbeing after discharge Lindsay replied "Lindsay Airhart he seamed alright he was never one to talk about emotions... he was out on a drywall job on the second day b4 I left.... Paxton had him out walking the dog and raking the lawn within days of being out of the hospt. I went into the room with Dustin for awhile... and then came out it was maybe 30min to an hour im not totally sure June 3 at 12:05am "
-When asked about Paxton's behavior when Dustin came home she wrote this: "Lindsay Airhart yes they owned a dog named franky no I never saw any cruelty to franky....... when he got mad he threw things and once got mad at me and put his foot through a wooden filing cabinet that was beside me.... yes I found this to be too much and partly why I left I did not like the way he treated Dustin and I told Dustin I couldn't stay because of that and did ask him to come home with me.... he said that was his home now ......... June 3 at 1:05am"
-On another post Lindsay writes about Paxton: "Lindsay Airhart yes Paxton did have good qualities it was like when he got mad it was sort of like dr jekel, mr hyde .... we would get into a verbal fight id end up crying and he would apologize and say he didn't mean to make me cry
-On another occasion Lindsay described Paxton: "when he got angry i felt like i was unsafe but he never physically hurt me he did put me down a few times like saying i couldn't run a flower business which my mom mentioned this. he said that i couldn't handle all that would entail so i felt put down but i know if i set my mind to something i can do it"
-When Lindsay was asked how the income from the moving business was handled, Lindsay replied "he did control the money but i had my own so he couldn't control that"
- Lindsay reported that Paxton controlled the use of his computer as he feared people would get a "virus" on his computer esp. if they went on facebook so he never allowed them to go on Facebook on his computer.
-When asked if during work he had typical behavior, Lindsay replied: "Lindsay Airhart very polite and came across as a professional in my opinion"
When asked if Paxton was genuine when he was being nice, Lindsay replied: "Lindsay Airhart to be honest i cant even say i don't know if it was kindness or not "
-Lindsay said Paxton had no friends and no hobbies, it was all work and sleep for him.
-when asked about Paxton's personal appearance Lindsay replied: "he did dress neatly and kept up a good appearance"
-Lindsay said she felt Paxton kept very rigid wake/sleep and work habits and he wanted to monitor the making of food or make it himself.
-Linday reported that Paxton got very angry when she announced she would be going home to Winnipeg and would not be moving back to Calgary with Aurora as previously planned.

2009 (Nov 13 "or so" according to Lindsay) Lindsay asks Dustin to go back home with her and Dustin says "no this is my home now". Lindsay returns to Winnipeg without Dustin.

2009 (end of Nov) - According to Lindsay Paxton has made Dustin go back to work 2 weeks after Lindsay has left the house in Calgary.

2009 (December - late) Some time around Christmas Dustin said he got hit in the face with drywall and it exploded his lip. Lindsay Airhart: yes i did say his lip was flat with a bump on it we saw that at Christmas time.

2009 (Christmas 25th) did not come home for Christmas. Lindsay writes: "at Christmas the reason he gave to not coming home was he had been hit in the face with drywall and b/c his bottom lip exploded. "

2010 (Jan 28 or 29) Lindsay in Calgary for Grandmother's funeral and saw Dustin. in January she said his lip had a bump in the center of it but was not damaged like it is now.

2010 (February) Dustin had lacerations on his face noticed by neighbor, made the excuse that a filing cabinet fell on him while moving it.

2010 (February) Last time anyone heard from Dustin. Lindsay keeps trying to call Dustin until mid March.

2010 (February 28) Ryan says family reports Dustin missing to police.

2010 (march) Landlord rented apt. to Paxton. Paxton used Dustin's ID to rent the apt. Lindsay thinks that was the 1st or 2nd week of March.

2010 (March 15) Lindsay called Paxton's phone. Paxton said "Dustin was not with him but he'd tell him to call when they meet up". That call never came.

2010 (mid March) Dann McKenzie the downstairs neighbor tells reporters that he first met the man the LaFortunes say tortured their son. http://www.theprovince.com/many+strange+noises+came+from+apartment+where+Dustin+LaFortune+victim+horrifying+assault+Neighbour/3049219/story.html

2010 (mid to late March) Dustin's dad files a police missing persons report and sends Paxton an email stating "there was a file made and until Dustin was spoken to it would remain."

2010 (mid-late March?) Dustin called his dad "sounding like death but says he's ok".

2010 (early April) Landlord talks to Paxton about the noise and Dann McKenzie says noises stopped soon after.

2010 (April ?) Dustin fails to show up as best man for Marcel's wedding.

2010 (April 14) Paxton texted Dustin's dad to say that Dustin is on a farm in LeDuc. Dustin's dad tells Paxton that Dustin will stay on the missing list until found.
later Lindsay stated: Paxton text me on the14th of April saying Dustin was fine then 2 days later he was at the hospt humm

2010 (April 16?) dumped at the Regina hospital by a man posing as Dustin's cousin.

2010 (May 18) - police raid the apartment on Halifax street one block from the Regina Hospital where Dustin was dumped on April 16th.
http://www.cbc.ca/canada/saskatchewan/story/2010/05/19/sk-mb-injured-man-police-apartment-10519.html -resident at the apartment who lived under Paxton says he recognizes the tenant Paxton as the man in the photograph that the LaFortunes posted on their Facebook page. (from above link)


MISC. INFO not yet filed:

Lindsay describing her relationship with Dustin: "Lindsay Airhart we separated when she was 6 mths to a year old. but lived together still for id say 2 years i know it sounds strange but he had no where to go..... the only thing that i noticed was sometimes there was a lack of common sense in some situations ex asking a question he would respond with something just slightly different than i would say or probably you would say but other than that there was no sign of mental illness i had seen... we never really went our own way we were close we spent birthdays of all of ours together fathers day mothers day Christmas he would sleep here in a separate room so we could all wake up together and have Christmas with our daughter and my parents, then his dad would come over in the morning of Christmas his dad also attended these family times, recently so has his brother rogi June 2 at 11:22pm"

he didn't see his mom in 10 years, his older brother probably about 6 years i could be wrong on that his brother rogi we saw 3 or4 Christmas ago and yeah that's about it and his cousin saw him b4 he went to Calgary lyn saw him in april 2009 and that was the last time she saw him im not sure when she last talked to him

Lindsay says that Rogi moved from BC to Winnipeg some time in 2009. She was not sure when. Renee remains in Winnipeg along with her youngest son Gabe and eldest son Ryan.

no none of his family (Lindsay referring to the LaFortunes) has met paxton. me my daughter and my parents have and i believe lynn and his ex sabrina have. Lindsay said that although her mom spent more time with Paxton, it was her father who didn't care for him most.

Lindsay Airhart he looked different when she last saw him in January as to when she saw him in march and b4 that in July...

Leona Sawatzky Pierce This was the comment that she had deleted from a post that Lori Spence had made and I clicked like on it and always get notified of new posts thru hotmail regardless if the person deletes them or not.........Hey Dustin!! I've read the great news that you were able to speak with your child and her mom and that they will be able to come and see you now! That's so great. I hope you enjoyed your meal tonight!! :) Keep it up! You're doing great!

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Lindsay Airhart Ashley Sabrina Carriere The last time I saw Dustin La Fortune was just under a week after we broke up. No I haven't been able to go out to see him but I hope to. they broke up not too long b4 Dustin left to Calgary

Lindsay Airhart i had a friendship with lynn b4 all this started and that's all i want to comment on that

Lindsay Airhart well when your family isn't around for a few years i mentioned the stories to his dad and i told some of them to his brother rogi but.................. where was his family when he was in the hospital in oct nov i told his mother his mom sent a facebook msg saying she would call but never did and said wow your injures sound severe as to what Lindsay has told me ................... that to me said everything i told them and never really got the feeling that they were concerned now i could be wrong they could have been concerned

Lindsay Airhart I have your correct number now and the aunties number too. I'll be in touch soon.

The other day I chatted with Lindsay on FB. It was nice to 'talk' to her.

I hope you are feeling better. Please tell me at happened. From what Lindsay explained, the accident was very serious and your injuries are quite extensive! Are you expected to recover completely? What about physio/rehab?

Lindsay Airhart the perception drugs he sold while he lived in Winnipeg not in Calgary this was b4 him and Dustin l really became close friends

Lindsay Airhart DUSTIN was paying child support up until he left for Calgary then the money was controlled and needed to be put back into the business which i understood i was told by Paxton and Dustin i would receive in full the amt owed to me as soon as they could work it out ............then they went missing

Lindsay Airhart yes Paxton was the silent partner he is wanted in Manitoba for something unrelated to this case and i believe in Alberta and Sask. for other things that this but i cant say for sure except in Manitoba his family doesn't know what there talking about and that's where the media got there info
June 3 at 8:10pm

Lindsay Airhart ok so here i go .............. first from what i know the firs or second week of march or so Paxton rented an appt with Dustin l's id............... On the 15th i called paxton's phone while i was on my way home from bc visiting with my grandmother who is dying and my mother and i drove up there and i flew back my mother is still there............ i called while in the Calgary airport to see if they would come 4 coffee now i did have suspicions about the abuse then but no actually facts........ i was told they were in Sask. but Dustin l was not with him but he would have him call me when they met up..........i never received that call.......... usually i heard from Dustin every couple days to 2 weeks sometimes......... no call its april now "i say to myself something doesn't feel right i have a gut feeling an intuition lets say " so i contact Dustin l's father and tell him my concerns ............... so he tries getting a hold of Dustin too but nothing...... so he filed a police missing person report......... he also sent Paxton an e mail stating this that there was a file made and until Dustin was spoken to it would remain. on april 14 Dustin's dad receives a call from Paxton saying Dustin l is in leduc Alberta that he is not with him but will be with him soon............. i also texted Paxton once i had a new # for him and we texted back and forth he said he would have Dustin call me........2 DAYS LATER Dustin was drooped off at the hospital ........... weird anyone
May 30 at 2:11am

Lindsay Airhart his hair was dirty blond he use to frost the tips that photo is a photo copy of a pic.... he wouldn't let me keep left overs wouldn't eat what i made for supper unless he saw it prepared. things in fridge had to go the exact same was i didn't feel he was crazy when he got angry he had a bad temper and you never knew what would happen
May 31 at 3:09am

Lindsay Airhart when i saw his tongue it looked fine to me but ive been told since that some of it was missing. yes he was on something the hospital gave himumm he would snap at small things and become very angry and claim we hadn't told him things we had
May 31 at 3:26am

Lindsay Airhart paxton was a very clean person very organized there were no friends that came to the home just ppl who worked with them they'd hang for 15 to 30 min and leave
May 31 at 3:46am

Lindsay Airhart HEY GANGSTERS: i didn't see any controlling behavior but i wasn't there to see it ??? when i was there it was a different story.... i always felt that tabs were being kept on us if ya know what i mean.... yeah they were good friends b4 Dustin left Winnipeg but when i was there it didn't seam like the same relationship as they had b4 there was tension always
June 6

Lindsay says Paxton's nickname for Dustin was "Blood". She believed it was a reference to being great friends ie. Blood Brothers.

Lindsay Airhart yes i could use it (Paxton's computer) but was not to go on facebook ect due worrying about virus
June 1 at 6:45pm

Lindsay Airhart Gangsters out paxton sold prescription drugs years ago when he lived in Winnipeg and got the meds from a pharmacist named "melody".

June 1 at 6:53pm

Lindsay Airhart during the day he worked on the moving company.... taking calls doing invoices and scheduling all the trucks and organizing the employees. at night we would eat supper together and watch a movie then go to bed he was usually up at like 5 am, i was asked felt expected to be up and at the comp to lean the business at 8 am. b/c at first i was thinking what a better way than 4 aurora to have both parents than to live there there was an upstairs sweet and down aurora and i would have had the downstairs. paxton never went out really i think we went shopping for stuff aurora and i would need 2 times he was a home body. he got very angry when i said i was coming home and not going to move my daughter there.
June 2 at 2:45pm

Lindsay Airhart long story short the only assault i know of was a domestic one with me, i got really upset and he was just protecting himself and there is a no tolerance law in Manitoba or was at the time so............... but i took anger management and so did he and we moved pass the incident
June 4 at 9:46am

look up my parents on the web see if you can find something about them russell airhart carol airhart...

Lindsay Airhart yes renne was there a few days later than i and the other family as we had to drive from Winnipeg where she and her husband had to drive from Victoria.... they stayed for 2-3 days then had to go home to there youngest son, and everyone else came back to work while i stayed there i was there for 12 to 14 days b4 coming home my father looked after my daughter as i felt i needed to be there i visited again 2 times after that and on my second visit is when i learned i had to be supervised by a lafortune family member
June 4 at 7:15pm

Lindsay Airhart DEAR HMMMMMM: you obviously have something to do with the lf family

drug addiction (coke) sure ive had an addiction i say have and anyone who knows about addictions its a battle ... should we talk about the lafortune's drug use as well???
drug selling yeah i did and i don't anymore
steeling stuff from family: humm ask my family i don't steel from them
child services case: wow they called me once cus someone made a claim against me that was when aurora was about 2
the child porn charges: those don't exist or i wouldn't have my child duah
lying for paxton: what did i lie about???
fucking paxton when living wit Dustin: go through page 1-5 it has been discussed several times June 4 at 7:38pm

Lindsay Airhart i cant talk to him at all .... i really didn't think so but now im second guessing it i have said b4 sometimes his common sense wasn't there and that's been since ive known him so i chalked it up to that
June 4 at 8:08pm

Lindsay Airhart GANGSTERS: paxton left Winnipeg b/c he had a warrant here if you can find it he was in the paper in 2007 as a most wanted.... Dustin left after him and his gf of 5 years split up. paxton is not native but i can not 100% say im about 98% sure he isnt.... yes Dustin may have grown up on reserves but as i have known him he did not have gang relations

Lindsay Airhart GANGSTERS: yes we were friends (I'm guessing she's talking about Lynn Ness) until this happened if you can find the post she set up on the other site it sort of explains what happened and remember she can see him i can hummm wonder y. Lynn posted a nasty message on the family FB forum accusing an unnamed person (presumably Lindsay) of things such as "you slept with him", "you went to the newspaper instead of the police", something about "being a Godmother until the diapers ran out", etc..June 6 at 2:42am .

Lindsay Airhart GANGSTERS: Dustin just restrained me, he was a quieter person as he got older. him and his gf didn't fight much but if i recall correctly he wasn't one to put up a fight. he wasn't jealous or possessive. i guess i would say he was some what street smart i know he when we first started dating slept on the streets sometimes.... he was a patient person (I think this was in regards to the "domestic assault charge" though not clear who was charged)

Lindsay Airhart it was b4 my daughter was born it was around when i first met him and couldn't take him home to my parents house...(Lindsay speaking to Dustin having had to sleep on the street)

Lindsay Airhart i met paxton at the same time as Dustin my best friend at the time knew this guy who introduced us to paxton. Dustin said something to the effect that his mom was moving and he didn't want to go and so they left without him. Dustin if im right didn't like the rules at his dad's when he moved here but he also didn't know who his dad was at first his cousin marcel told him. Dustin believed his mothers story's about how he was conceived. that being said i have no idea what rennee told Dustin for sure just what he told me. he seamed fin with me there... the last time aurora talked to him was last week Monday b4 they changed his cell # the family made a decision i should not have the # and somehow someone got the # who shouldn't have and so they changed it so aurora has no contact with her dad at this time
June 6 at 1:49pm

2010 (May 18) Paxton was seen leaving the Regina apt 2 days after the raid on May 18th. with a dark colored Hyundai? hmmmm.... NO WAY TO PROVE THIS!

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