Overview of Covid blog posts: How we got to where we are

On this page I want to link to the many articles on Covid I've posted. I'll start with the recent that were banned, go back to the beginning, then retrace our steps back to where we are now to see exactly how we got here. Recently, Google deleted three posts on my blog for violating their terms and conditions. Sounds familiar? My posts did not violate any rules. That was their way of saying we can censor whatever we want to. Let's take a look at what they censored and why.

One of the posts they censored was Covid: Cold and Flu. I added a screen shot from the CDC admitting the PCR test is unable to tell the difference between Covid and the common cold. That was their words not mine. I did not edit the screenshot.

Now we need to ask ourselves, why would Google censor that true information? It reveals their misinformation agenda. They claim that they are censoring misinformation but that is a lie. They are censoring true information while they post misinformation over and over again.

In the Covid: Cold and Flu post, I also posted a link to a YouTube video where a Vlogger posted a screen shot of a CDC statement admitting that the PCR test cannot tell the difference between Covid and the Flu. That is true information. So again, why would Google delete that from Blogspot? They are clearly promoting misinformation and deception.

Medical doctors tell us that the PCR test is worthless. Dr Kulvinder Kaur pointed out that the WHO admitted we were using the wrong standards on that test. The court in Portugal ruled that the PCR test is unreliable and lockdowns based on that test are unlawful.

In the Covid: Cold and Flu post, I pointed out the obvious. If the PCR test is unable to tell the difference between Covid and the common cold, then anyone who had the common cold and took the PCR test, tested positive for Covid when the simply had the common cold.

Likewise, if the PCR test is unable to tell the difference between Covid and the seasonal flu, then everyone who simply had the seasonal flu and took the PCR test, tested positive for Covid when they did not have it. That is an important fact to know to put the media's hype into proper perspective. Google removed that true information because they did not want you to know it. That shows us there is a sinister agenda behind the misinformation and brings us back to the beginning.

In the Begining... When Covid first hit I made three posts: Navigating past insanity during the storms of lifeNaming the Global Conspiracy and Red sky at morning, Sailor take warning. That set the stage for what was yet to come.  Then we saw all the fake news reports of empty hospitals claiming they were full of Covid patients.

Examining more fake news in context - Empty Hospitals

This is why I said we need to start from when they deleted my 4 blog posts and go back to the beginning so we can retrace our steps and see how we got to where we are now. History repeats itself until we learn from it.

During the pandemic the media lied. They went on and on about how the hospitals were full in New York and in California. They claimed there were body bags in the street. It was absurd. People would go there with their cell phones and video tape empty hospitals over and over again. This is something we need to remember.

The media kept saying the hospitals were full of Covid patients lined up outside down the street when in reality people would go there with their phones and film empty hospitals. I saw it happed repeatedly in New York and California. History repeats itself until we learn from it.

CBS was caught using that video clip of an overcrowded hospital in Italy and claimed is was in New York. They later admitted it was Italy not New York then claimed it was an editing error. At first glance one could concede that it was physically possible for it to be an error. Yet when the media used that same clip in Australia claiming it was a hospital in Australia, that was not mistake. It was a deliberate attempt to mislead the public. 

The Fake News in Australia even went so far as to interview a medical doctor at a hospital who said the Covid situation there was so dire, the nurses were collapsing from working double shifts. A local then went to the hospital to drop off a box of chocolates in gratitude only to find more empty hospitals just like here. Everyone was too scared to go to the hospital so they were empty. The nurses told him they had nothing to do and were getting shifts cancelled. That doctor and the Mainstream media lied.

This brings us back to the CBS' misuse of the Italy video claiming it was in Donald Trump's home town. That was too much of a coincidence to be an error. The media was obsessed with Trump slandering him at every opportunity because they had an agenda. I don't care if you love Trump or if you hate Trump. I don't care. Lying to the public to create fear and panic so you crash the economy in hopes someone else will get elected in Donald Trump's place is straight up treason. That is exactly what we saw happen. 

That brings us back to now. The local media was claiming the hospitals in Chilliwack were full of Covid patients. It was another case of the boy who cried wolf. I said Bullsh*t. I don't believe it and cited all the many times they were caught lying in the past. Google then deletes my post while my neighbour confirmed it.

Last week I was speaking to my neighbour who said he was at a job site in Chilliwack recently. He said all the guys were frantically packing up their tools. He asked them what they were doing. He said it's not quitting time yet, it's only 1:00 PM in the afternoon. 

They said haven't you heard? There's another outbreak. The hospitals in Chilliwack are full of Covid patients. He laughed and said all the hospitals? Chilliwack only has one hospital. Let's go see. He took them to the hospital and it was empty. They lied. Again.

So when Google deleted my post saying I don't believe it and cite the reasons why, I say the lady doth protest too much me thinks. It was just like when YouTube kept deleting videos on empty hospitals in California and New York during the pandemic. Thankfully we now have Rumble and Bitchute. 

If the hospitals are all full, why are so many nurses and Health Care workers refusing the vaccine? 50% of the firemen and law enforcement in LA and New York are refusing the vaccine. There is a reason for that. People are starting to see what's going on and think for themselves.

Oppose medical censorship: Follow the Science 

Dr Kelly Victory: When viruses replicate themselves they get weaker

Dr Simone Gold: Cases mean nothing

Canada Health Alliance: The PCR Test is worthless

Dr. Byram W. Bridle: RNA vaccines bypass the immune system

This brings us back to the 4th post Google deleted from my blog. It was a video of Dr Ryan Cole from America's Frontline Doctors speaking about what the Covid vaccines do to the brain and organs. Google doesn't want you to know the real science because they support the insane agenda behind the media's misrepresentation of Covid. Follow the money.

Great Barrington Declaration

OK we've talked about empty hospitals, now we need to talk about falsified death rates. This is why we have to go back to the beginning to understand where we are now. The Wuhan virus was rebranded to Covid 19 because it came out in 2019. November 15 2020, Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson made a pivitol discovery. CTV reported that after almost a full year of lockdowns and Covid stupidity 10,947 people died in Canda from Covid. Then they reported of that 10,947 - 10,781 were seniors in care homes. That report revealed two crucial details. 

When you do the math, that means after almost a full year of lockdowns, only 156 people had died of covid outside of care homes. Hardly worth a lockdown crippling our economy and economic system. More people died from cancelled surgeries than that. It also revealed a sinister plot. 

10,781 seniors died of Covid but the same number of seniors died last year as the year before. That means something shady is going on. The Canada Health Alliance stated that when you look at the overall death rates in Canada, it doesn't look like we were experiencing a pandemic at all. Every year the population increases. Since there are more people on the earth, every year the death ratees slightly increases. Yet the overall death rats did not show a pandemic

Dr. Roger Hodkinson from Alberta also observed that not only have the overall death rates not increased during the so-called pandemic, but the number of deaths from cancer and heart disease significantly decreased. Now that doesn't make sense because more people were sitting at home and less people were exercising. Dr. Hodkinson went so far as to say "I'd like to assure you that Covis does not cure cancer and lockdowns does not cure heart disease. So the fact that those statistics have dropped dramatically is clear evidence that these deaths ate being misclassified."

The reason why this is relevant to us today is because they were just caught falsifying a Covid death in Alberta. CTV confirmed Rebel News' report that Alberta claimed a 14-year-old died of Covid which is surprising because Covid does not affect young people the same way it affects the elderly. It turned out they lied. The 14-year-old died of cancer not covid and they were caught lying. This confirms Dr. Hodkinson's claim. History repeats itself until we learn from it.

The Canada Health Alliance is a coalition of Canadian doctors who have posted a website to counter the false information the media is bombarding us with. The Heart Group and the Covid Care Alliance are two others. The fact is, the media is lying to us about Covid. Now we need to focus in and examine the motive of the end to their means. 

In my fist three posts on Covid I named the global conspiracy and made a post entitled Red sky at Morning, Sailor take warning. The fact that Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyes is the director of the World Health Organization clearly demonstrates the absurdity of the agenda. Tedros is not a medical doctor. He is a leader in a violent Communist paramilitary organization in Ethiopia. That is straight out of George Orwell.  That is so crazy no one could make that up. It is a fact. Seeing where the Covid fraud has taken us makes that impossible to ignore. 

Over the past year I have discussed how the Oath Keepers exposed the UN's Agenda 21 and how Anonymous exposed the UN's Agenda 2030 of global domination - one world government. This is what they refer to as the UN's New World Order. It ties in with Justin Trudeau's Global Reset. Ezra Taft Benson was an American patriot who said the UN was a Communist organization. Back then we thought he was a little bit extreme. turns out he was absolutely right. Their real agenda has been revealed. 

These people are absolute freaks. We saw what Communism did in Tiananmen Square, Cambodia, Poland and East Berlin. We have the Falun Gong, the Uyghurs and Hong Kong protesting the atrocities of Communism while we have whack jobs like ANTIFA trying to bring Communism here. ANTIFA built the Berlin Wall. We saw where that road leads.

During the Covid outbreak I made a shocking discovery. I saw a website the UN had posted at unnwo.org about the UN's New World Order. I did not make this logo up. I got it from their website. After I made a blog post about it, they removed everything from that website.

We need to withdraw from the UN and the World Health Organization because both have become infiltrated by the CCP and are simply fronts for an insane agenda to promote global Communism. We need to take back our sovereignty and our Independence. We need to defend civil liberty which is protected by law. We also need to realize that the mainstream media is lost in space and seek out alternate news sources. Bill Gates is not it.

Fear not. As Laura Hill and Ziggy said, we've got to fulfill the book.

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