The Bush Clinton Crime Connection

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A lot has been written about the Bush crime family. Much has also been written about the Clinton's shady past. Since my focus is getting hard drugs off the streets in our communities let's focus n their mutual drug connection before we examine the investment fraud and dead bodies of those who stood in their path. From the above photo and many others found throughout the internet, it is clear that bill Clinton and George Bush Jr and Sr. were comfortable in each other's presence. Suspicious since opposing political parties are such bitter rivals on the election trail. Yet we know that a US president is only allowed to serve for two terms. If an evil shadow government is going to exercise control for an extended period of time, they are going to need more than one candidate. Kennedy, notwithstanding his weaknesses, was confronting the shadow government. President Johnston perpetuated it.

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Let us first examine Sarah McClendon's famous question to Bill Clinton when he was in office. She said the Republicans were trying to blame him for a small airbase in Mena Arkansas which was set up by George Bush Sr., Oliver North and the CIA to help the Iran Contras. They brought in plane load after plane load of cocaine there for sale in the United States. They took the money and turned around and bought weapons for the Contras all of which is illegal as you know. Tell me, did they tell you this had to be in existence because of national security? Bill Clinton answered by saying no they didn't tell me anything about it. Clinton went on to explain the situation was investigated but it fell under federal jurisdiction not state jurisdiction so as Governor in essence his hands were tied. Yet it doesn't appear that Hillary's hands are tied posing with this cocaine dealer in from the the Christmas tree at the Whitehouse. Chip Tatum was under the impression that Bill Clinton knew exactly what was in the packages they were smuggling into Mena Arkansas.

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It is reminiscent of George Bush Sr's close friendship with Noreiga. Yes Hilary Clinton's law firm was very much involved in the Men Arkansas scandal. Along with the drug deals was the arms deals tied to the BCCI. I'm not sure which came first, the chicken of the egg. We're told selling the drugs was to fund the counter rebellion against Communism. Yet some accounts claim it was simply about money. They sold arms to make money and the militias paid for the arms with drugs. Selling the drugs then became a way to make more money from the sale of arms.

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Without getting too much into the vast amount of information about all the CIA drug running these two families were involved in, I just want to touch on the disinformation campaigns.Catherine Austin Fitts found Gary Web's story very credible because she knew how the disinformation process worked. Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz talked about how they told him to erase and forget what he knew about the government's involvement with drug running and said if he didn't they would bury him.

The disinformation campaigns take a nasty turn when you see dead body start to appear. When you see Bill Clinton support a crooked corner in Arkansas who was caught red handed tampering with evidence to cover up a murder and rule it a suicide on multiple occasions. The Clinton body count is long and daunting. We all know about Monica Lewinski but do we know about the many others? Some of whom ended up dead by committing suicide? Then there's the investment fraud. The Bush family were champions of investment fraud. The Clintons are rising stars in that as well. The ‘Clinton Bush Haiti Foundation’ Scam is but one example of the New Fraudulent Order. Now they're stealing money from earthquake victims. These people are dirty. If you want to donate to hurricane relief, give to the Red Cross. Otherwise you might as well sign a cheque over to Bubba and Bill for them to spend however they want.

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